Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (together with the documents referred to in it) shall apply to Your use of the website located at lidlcommunity.co.uk (the “the My Lidl website”) as a guest or registered user. Use includes accessing, browsing or registering to use the My Lidl website. The other documents referred to are:  • Privacy PolicyCookie PolicyRules of Engagement By using the My Lidl website You agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and any linked policies. If You do not wish to be bound, You must not use the My Lidl website.  We may change these Terms and Conditions from time to time and so you should check this page regularly. Your use of the My Lidl website will be deemed an acceptance of the Terms and Conditions applicable at the time of use.  We may also update the My Lidl website and/or the content from time to time. Please note that any content on the My Lidl website may be out of date at any point, and We are under no obligation to update it. We do not guarantee that the My Lidl website or any content on it will be free from errors and omissions.  As part of our commitment to ensuring the My Lidl website is one You want to visit time and time again, We welcome Your comments on any aspect of the My Lidl website or the Terms and Conditions. Please contact Us by using the Feedback Form on the My Lidl website.  

  1. Definitions  "You" means You, the user of the My Lidl website and "Your" shall be interpreted accordingly.  "We/Us" means Lidl GB (registered in England No.02816429 and whose registered office is at 19 Worple Road, London, SW19 4JS). "Our" shall be interpreted accordingly. We operate the My Lidl website. We have appointed 360i as a Moderator and who may act as Our representative in accordance with Section 3.5.  “Moderators” shall have the meaning given to it in Section 3.5.  "My Lidl website" shall have the meaning as set out above.  "User Information" means the personal details, which may be provided by You to Us via the My Lidl website.  "Users" means the users of the My Lidl website collectively and/or individually as the context admits.  "Website" means a site on the World Wide Web.  

  2. Access  2.1 The My Lidl website is made available free of charge.  2.2 We do not guarantee that the My Lidl website, or any content on it, will always be available or be uninterrupted. Access to the My Lidl website is permitted on a temporary basis. We may suspend, withdraw, discontinue or change all or any part of My Lidl website without notice. We will not be liable to You if for any reason the My Lidl website is unavailable at any time or for any period.  2.3 You are responsible for making all arrangements necessary for You to have access to the My Lidl website.  2.4 You are also responsible for ensuring that all persons who access the My Lidl website through Your internet connection are aware of these Terms and Conditions and other applicable terms and conditions, and that they comply with them. 

  3. Acceptable Use  You may use the My Lidl website only for lawful purposes. You agree that any use by You of the My Lidl website shall be in accordance with the following conditions:  3.1 You shall always treat other Users and Moderators with respect, and adhere to the Rules of Engagementat all times. You will not post or transmit through the My Lidl website:  a) Any material which is defamatory, threatening, inflammatory, obscene, harmful, violent, pornographic or otherwise illegal, or any material which promotes or is intended to promote the same.  b) Any material which would violate or infringe in any way upon Our rights or those of others (including intellectual property rights, rights of confidentiality, or rights of privacy) or cause distress or inconvenience.  c) Any material which promotes discrimination based on sex, race, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age.  3.2 You must not upload, post, or otherwise transmit any content that includes any of the following inappropriate content:  a) Any personal information belonging either to You or another person, such as full name, address, phone number, e-mail address;  b) Spam, such as advertisements for other Websites and services, or other commercial solicitation; chain letters, pyramid schemes, polls or petitions;  c) Flooding the forum boards with excessive posts, meaningless posts, posts unrelated to the topic or padding posts;  d) Discussions that veer off topic, are unrelated to resolving the issue at hand, are repetitive or campaigning, that promote products or services from other providers, or abuse any company, organisation or product;  e) Repetitive or continuous complaints about My Lidl website policies;  f) Discussions of moderator actions on the boards. If You need to comment on a moderator action, please send a private message to any administrator/moderator;  g) Knowingly posting or transmitting any information or software containing a virus, worm, Trojan horse, keystroke logger, spyware, adware or other programs or computer code which are damaging or destructive or otherwise are designed to adversely affect the operation of any computer software or hardware;  h) Posting a link directing Users to any information or content that, if posted on the My Lidl website would constitute a violation of these Terms and Conditions. We are not responsible for the content of any third party Websites. Users’ use of any hypertext links posted on the forum shall be at their own risk.  i) Attacks, including "flaming", of another User in such a way as to incite or perpetuate arguments or conflict; creating usernames to attack other Users' identities; impersonating other individuals or falsely representing one's identity or qualifications; posts made under secondary user names or other aliases for the purpose of either endorsing or denigrating others; posts that breach any participant's privacy by including name, address, phone, email address, or any other identifying information, or other content which is threatening, abusive or invades another’s privacy, is calculated to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety, or is otherwise likely to harass, upset, embarrass or alarm another person.  j) URLs of third party Websites which may contain offensive or illegal material.  k) Postings that break the law, or encourage/support breaking the law. This includes libel, contempt of court and breach of copyright.  l) Discussions regarding active UK court cases.  m) Advice that would result in a breach of any of Our product or equipment warranties.  n) Advice that if followed could result in bodily injury or harm.  o) Gives the impression that the content emanates from Us.  3.3 You must not evade bans or suspensions or otherwise disregard directions from Moderators.  3.4 You agree not to use the My Lidl website (or any part of it) to:  a) Solicit personal information, e-mail addresses, contact information, passwords or other personally identifying information.  b) Solicit participation in public discussion, debate, comment or activity outside the My Lidl website;  c) Provide false or misleading information about Yourself or Your business, or create a false identity or use or attempt to use another’s account or identity (including for the purposes of accessing My Lidl website functionality – see Section 11) or otherwise that is unlawful or fraudulent, or has any unlawful or fraudulent purpose or effect.  3.5 We reserve the right to manage the postings on the My Lidl website to provide an orderly presentation of this information. Further, We reserve the right to delete at any time and without giving prior warning any User content that we believe violates these Terms & Conditions and/or the Rules of Engagement in any way. We reserve the right to suspend or delete the account of any User who in any way violates these Terms & Conditions and/or the Rules of Engagement at any time. To effectively manage the My Lidl website, We may designate employees or others to act as moderators and administrators for the site ("Moderators"). These Moderators are the only representatives on Our behalf that shall be authorised to manage the My Lidl website. Any employees who are not designated as Moderators shall not be authorised to represent themselves on the My Lidl website as Our authorised representatives. Moderators are distinguished by the rank of "Moderator" and/or an official My Lidl website logo as an avatar. We are not responsible for content provided by any employee or any other person who is not designated as a Moderator. For further guidleines, employees should refer to the company Social Media Policy.  3.6 You will not post or otherwise make available on the My Lidl website any material which You do not own without the express permission of the owner of the material.  3.7 You will not copy, download, reproduce, republish, frame, broadcast, transmit in any manner whatsoever, any material on the My Lidl website except as is strictly necessary for Your own personal non-commercial home use.  3.8 You will not access the My Lidl website by automated means or otherwise for the purposes of scraping, extracting, or otherwise obtaining any material from the My Lidl website for use within a third party Website or application.  3.9 You will abide by the specific rules of any competition or promotion that You participate in on or via the My Lidl website. Unless we tell You otherwise, all prize draws and competitions offered via the My Lidl website are only open to residents of the United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland).  3.10 You will not do anything that affects the operability or security of the My Lidl website or causes unreasonable inconvenience or offence or disruption to Our staff.  

  4. Third Party Websites  4.1 You acknowledge and agree that We are not responsible for the availability of any third party Websites or material You access through the My Lidl website.  4.2 We do not endorse and shall not be held responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products or services on or available from such Websites or material.  4.3 Any dealings between You and any third party advertisers or merchants found on or via the My Lidl website, including payment for and delivery of products, services and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such dealings, are made between You and the relevant advertiser or merchant. Therefore, We are not responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as the result of any such dealings.  

  5. Intellectual Property  5.1 All copyright, trade marks and all other intellectual property rights in all material or content supplied as part of the My Lidl website shall remain at all times vested in Us or Our licensors. You are permitted to use this material or content only as expressly authorised in writing by Us or Our licensors (and save as provided in Section 3.7). You will not, and You will not assist or facilitate any third party to, copy, reproduce, transmit, distribute, frame, commercially exploit or create derivative works of such material or content.  5.2 If You become aware of any such distribution or commercial exploitation, You agree to notify Us immediately.  5.3 You acknowledge that by posting materials (including without limitation comments, pictures or ideas) or responding to polls on the My Lidl website You grant to Us and Our licensors and assigns a royalty free, worldwide non-exclusive licence to use the materials within the My Lidl website and otherwise as we may specify (including copying, distributing, broadcasting, and otherwise transmitting, and adapting and editing the materials, for use in advertising, internal discussions, press releases and supplier feedback), but in all cases limited to those specific uses and activities to which You have specifically consented on the My Lidl website.  

  6. Limitations of Liability including Liability for any information provided on the My Lidl website Content and posting  6.1 Content on the My Lidl website, and any links to other third party Websites or resources, in each case provided, or placed on the My Lidl website, by Us is for general information only and is not intended to amount to advice or information on which You may rely. Although We make reasonable efforts to update the information we provide on the My Lidl website, we make no warranties, representations or guarantees that the content on the My Lidl website is accurate, complete or up-to-date.  6.2 Material which is posted on any bulletin boards or chat forums is written by Users and We are not responsible for and do not endorse such material. We reserve the right to monitor the contributions made and may respond to or comment upon communications made by You and edit, refuse to post, or remove any content from the bulletin boards and chat forums in our absolute discretion. No failure to remove particular material constitutes an endorsement or acceptance of it by Us.  6.3 We will not be held responsible or liable for the content, accuracy, timing or reliability of any information or statements contained within the My Lidl website, or for statements, advice and/or opinions made or given by Users on the bulletin boards and chat forums (except as required by law). If You have any claim arising from the actions or statements of another User, You agree to pursue such a claim only against that User and not from Us.  6.4 You understand that whenever You release personal or other information online – for example, via message boards or chat rooms and other forums – that information can be collected and used by people You do not know. While We make all reasonable commercial efforts to protect Your personal information and privacy, We cannot guarantee the security of any information You disclose online. You make such disclosures at Your own risk. Except in relation to personal information submitted by a User for the purposes of registration or opening or updating that User's account (in relation to which We make all reasonable commercial efforts to protect Your privacy), We shall not be liable in respect of (and disclaim all liability in relation to) User content submitted to an area of the My Lidl website designated as (or expected to be) a private, personal or limited access area of the My Lidl website which becomes available to persons other than the User who submitted the User content. Similarly, We shall not be liable in respect of (and disclaim all liability in relation to) any non-availability of User content submitted to an area of the site designated as a public area of the site or other forums where Users other than the User who submitted the User content may gain access to such content.  6.5 A number of Our online services allow You to upload and share messages, photos, video and other content and links with others and/or create a publically accessible profile for Your account. For example:  • The communities and forums area of the My Lidl website, allows You to post comments (with Your account name), which are visible to other Users of that service  • Other services allow You to share a link which if clicked on may allow the recipient to access Your uploaded content  You should not expect any information that You make available to others via the My Lidl website will be kept private or confidential. Content and links that You share might, for instance, be forwarded by Your recipients to others. You should always exercise discretion when using such services.  General  6.6 We will endeavour to provide the My Lidl website using all reasonable care. Except as required by law, We will not be responsible or liable for the quality, accuracy or fitness for a particular purpose of the My Lidl website and otherwise exclude all conditions, warranties, representations and other terms which may apply to the My Lidl website or the content on it.  6.7 We do not guarantee that the material contained in the My Lidl website, or any of the functions contained in the My Lidl website or its server will operate without interruption or delay or will be error free, free of viruses or bugs or is compatible with any other software or material, and We will not be liable for any loss or damage arising as a result thereof in Your Use of the My Lidl website, the downloading of content from it, or on any website linked to it.  6.8 We assume no responsibility for the content of websites linked on the My Lidl website. Such links should not be interpreted as endorsement by us of those linked websites. We will not be liable for any loss or damage that may arise from Your use of them.  6.9 Nothing in these Terms and Conditions excludes or limits Our liability for any fraudulent misrepresentations We make and for any death or personal injury caused by Our negligence, or any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited under English law.  6.10 We will not be liable to You for any other loss or damage (whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise (and whether foreseeable or otherwise)) that You sustain as a result of either (i) Your use, or inability to use, the My Lidl website, or (ii) Your use or reliance on any content on the My Lidl website.  6.11 If You are a business user, please note that we will not be liable for loss of business, sales, profits, revenue, anticipated savings, opportunity, goodwill, business interruption or indirect or consequential damage.  

  7. Safety  When using the My Lidl website, in particular any bulletin boards or chat forums, You should always take the following precautions:  7.1 Keep Your identity private. Do not give out Your full name, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address, the name of Your school or any other information (other than that specifically requested by Us), that could help someone discover Your actual identity;  7.2 Never meet with someone You meet online.  7.3 Do not reply to any messages that are hostile, rude or inappropriate, or in any way make You feel uncomfortable. 

 8. Indemnity If You are a business User, You agree to indemnify Us, and/or any of Our affiliates and Our and their officers, directors and employees on demand against all claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses, including legal fees, arising out of any breach of these Terms and Conditions by You.  

  9. Termination  We reserve the right immediately to terminate Your use of the My Lidl website if You breach or We have reasonable grounds to believe that You are likely to breach these Terms and Conditions or You otherwise engage in conduct which We determine in Our sole discretion to be unacceptable. 

  10. Feedback  Should You wish to make any comments to Us about the My Lidl website or if You have any questions relating to the same please contact Us using the Feedback Form on the My Lidl website. 

  11. Registered Users  Section 11 applies to registered Users of the My Lidl website.  11.1 User name and password. When choosing a user name, a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 40 alphanumerical characters must be used. URLs, Domain Names, underscores, full stops and any of the following characters -=[];'#,./!"£$%^&*()+{}:@~<>? must not be used.  When choosing a password a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 25 characters including both numeric and alphabetical characters and must be used without any spaces. It is advisable not to use obvious dictionary words eg password or consecutive numbers or letters or obvious personal information such as children's or pets’ names, or date of birth. The password should not be the same as Your username, name or email address and should not be re-used when choosing a new password.  Each registered User is responsible for the security and proper use of their user name and password and must not disclose either to any third party (whether directly, via a Website or application interface or otherwise). It is each registered User's responsibility to change their password immediately if they believe it has been compromised. It is also advisable to change these details frequently even if not considered compromised.  11.3 Termination or suspension. We may suspend or terminate a User's My Lidl website registration, or take such other action as We consider appropriate (including without limitation immediate, temporary or permanent removal of postings/content, issue warnings, take legal proceedings or disclose such information to law enforcement authorities as We reasonably feel is necessary), if in Our reasonable opinion the User has failed to comply with any of these Terms and Conditions. We exclude liability for actions taken by Us in response to breaches of these Terms and Conditions.  

  12. General  12.1 Invalidity etc. If any court or other lawful authority determines that any provision of these Terms and Conditions is invalid or otherwise unenforceable, such provision shall be severed from these Terms and Conditions and the remainder of these Terms and Conditions shall continue to have full force and effect.  12.2 Governing Law. These Terms and Conditions, its subject matter and its formation are governed by English law. The courts of England and Wales shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction.  12.3 Third Party Rights. These Terms and Conditions apply between Us and each User. No other person is entitled to benefit under these Terms and Conditions. 

Lidl Competition Terms and Conditions

Share your best Valentines Day recipe for your chance to win a £25 Lidl voucher 

These Terms and Conditions of Lidl GB, 19 Worple Road, London, SW19 4JS (“the Promoter”) shall apply exclusively to your participation in the best carved Pumpkin competition. By entering and participating by submitting your details via the entry form on the Site (as defined below), you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1. Opening / closing date & time 1.1. The Prize Draw opens on 11th February 2019 and all entries must be received no later than 3rd March 2019 4pm GMT (the “Closing Date”).

2. How to participate 2.1. To enter the Prize Draw, participants must add a photo featuring their carved design on www.lidlcommunity.co.uk (the “Site”). Any photos must belong to the member. Any photos taken from will other websites or people will be disqualified from the competition. 2.2. Participants must be a resident in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) and aged 18 years or over on the day they submit their details via the online form on the Site and must be a member of the My Lidl Community. 2.3. Only one entry is permitted per person. Second or subsequent entries will be disqualified. 2.4. The Prize Draw is not open to employees, representatives, legal successors or contractors of the Promoter or Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG. Stiftsbergstr. 1, 74167 Neckarsulm, Germany. 2.5. All entries must be made directly by the individual entering the Prize Draw. Syndicated entries or those made using methods such as a computer macro, a script or the use of automated devices or processes are not allowed and all such entries will be disqualified and any prize awarded will be void. No entries from consumer groups, 3rd parties or bulk entries will be accepted. 2.6. The participant must follow the entry instructions as given on the Site which shall also form part of these terms and conditions. 2.7. No purchase is necessary to participate in the Prize Draw. Purchasing goods does not result in any advantage to a participant. 2.8. The Site is operated by the Promoter’s provider CMNTY (“Operator”) and all submissions will be stored within the My Lidl community on a server owned by the Operator. 2.9. The Promoter reserves the right to reject any Entry which it considers fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions or the Lidl community Terms and Conditions.

3. The Prize Draw 3.1. The winners will be selected from all eligible entries within 5 working days of the Closing Date and will be drawn at random. 3.2. The winners will be entitled to a prize of one (1) x Lidl GB £25 Voucher to spend in store (the “Prize” or “Voucher”). 3.3. The Prize is as stated. The prize cannot be redeemed for cash or an alternative prize, are non-exchangeable, non-refundable, cannot be resold and will only be awarded directly to the winner. The Promoter reserves the right to refuse to accept Vouchers which it reasonably deems to have been tampered with, duplicated, damaged or which otherwise are suspected to be affected from fraud. The Promoter shall not be liable where a Voucher has been lost, mutilated or stolen following delivery of the prize. The Voucher must be redeemed within the valid until date, which can be found on the back of the voucher. The Voucher cannot be used to purchase Alcohol. Other specific terms of usage apply – please see voucher for details.

3.4. All taxes, costs, liabilities and unspecified expenses associated with the usage of the Prize are the sole responsibility of the winner. 3.5. The winner will be notified by private message within the My Lidl community within 14 days of the Closing Date and asked to claim their Prize. The winner will need to follow the instructions in the notification message. 3.6. The Prize must be claimed within 28 days of first notification. 3.7. In the event the claim for a Prize is not received by the Promoter or if the winner fails to provide an address for delivery of the Prize within 28 days of first notification, the Promoter reserves the right to withdraw prize entitlement and award the Prize to a reserve selected at the same time as the original winner. 3.7. The Prize will be dispatched within 28 working days from the date of the Promoter receiving the winner’s prize acceptance. 3.8. The user names of the winner will be published on the Site after they have been notified and have been awarded the Prize. The name and county of the winner will be available for a period of up to 3 months after the Closing Date and can be obtained by sending a stamped self-addressed envelope marked “My Lidl prize draw” to Online Team, Lidl GB, 19 Worple Road, London, SW19 4JS. 3.9. No responsibility will be taken by the Promoter for claims which are lost, delayed, corrupted, damaged, misdirected or incomplete or cannot be delivered for any technical or other reasons. We advise claimants to use recorded delivery. Proof of sending will not be accepted as proof of receipt, and no correspondence will be entered into. 4. Personal Data 4.1. All information you submit to the Promoter in connection with the Prize Draw (including any information on the online form) is subject to and will be treated in a manner consistent with the Promoter’s Privacy Policy accessible at https://www.lidlcommunity.co.uk/t5/custom/page/page-id/Privacy. 4.2. The Promoter will use any additional personal information you provide for the purpose of participating in the Prize Draw for the purpose of: entering you into and administering the Prize Draw; 4.3. By participating in the Prize Draw, you agree that the Promoter may collect and use your personal information in accordance with these terms and conditions and acknowledge that you have read and accepted the Promoter’s Privacy Policy. The Promoter will not retain any personal information outside of what is already submitted to the My Lidl community. 4.4. By participating in the Prize Draw the winning entrant hereby agrees to their user name being published on the Site, and their name and county being made available on request in accordance with clause 3.8 . 4.5. The Promoter is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and our registration number is Z6682158. 4.6. The winner agrees to allow the Promoter to use details of their name, prize, and county [from the Prize being awarded until the end of 3 months after the Closing Date] for online posting, and/or any advertising and publicity without additional compensation. 4.7. The winner’s information will further be used and shared with TBWA for the purpose of providing the Prize. 4.8. Any personal data you are asked to provide in the course of participating in the Prize Draw will be used solely in order to deliver the Prize and in accordance with these terms and conditions and in compliance with current data protection legislation and will not be disclosed to any 3rd party except for the purpose of providing the Prize including as detailed in clauses 4.4 and 4.7. 4.9. Once the Prize has been dispatched any additional personal data supplied for the purpose of participating in the Prize Draw except as outlined in 4.4 and 4.6 will be disposed of securely. 5. Intellectual Property Rights

5.1.You warrant and represent that you own (or are the rightful licensor of) all rights (such as, but not limited to, patents, trademarks, copyrights, design rights or know how) in or relating to the entry, which you submit to the Site. 

5.2. You shall upon request provide to the Promoter a copy of written proof of any licence. You acknowledge and agree that you will be liable for compensating any third party whose rights have been infringed (for example, but not limited to, infringing any intellectual property right by failing to comply with any labelling requirements of that third party or if a criminal offence has taken place) by your submission of the entry to the Site.

5.3. By entering this Prize Draw, you consent to the Promoter publishing the submitted entry on the Site.

5.4. The Operator reserves the right to remove entries from the Prize Draw if it receives notice or otherwise believes that the rights of a third party are infringed or if the risk of such an infringement exists. Upon removal an entry will be disqualified and become ineligible for consideration in the Prize Draw described above. If a third party claims compensation for the infringement of their rights, you shall keep the Promoter indemnified in respect of any liabilities it incurs in respect of such claims.

6. Premature Termination / Exclusion of participants 6.1. Owing to exceptional circumstances outside its reasonable control and only where circumstances make this unavoidable, the Promoter reserves the right to cancel or amend the Prize Draw or these terms and conditions at any stage but will always endeavour to minimize the effect on participants in order to avoid undue disappointment. 6.2. Promoter assumes no responsibility for and will disqualify entries that are: stolen, late, lost, illegible, incomplete, invalid, unintelligible, damaged, destroyed, delayed, misdirected, not received, or that have incorrect or inaccurate entry information, whether caused by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the Prize Draw, or by any human, mechanical or electronic error which may occur in the processing of the entries in the Prize Draw, or other errors appearing within the terms or in any the Prize Draw related advertisements. Proof of sending will not be accepted as proof of receipt, and no correspondence will be entered into. 6.3. The Promoter assumes no responsibility for any typographical or other error in the printing of the offer, administration of the Prize Draw, errors in processing entries, identifying the winner, in the announcement of the Prize and winner, and the delivery of the Prize, any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, mobile phone, computer systems, online systems, servers or providers, computer equipment, software, failure of any e-mail or players on account of technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet or on any web site, or any combination thereof, including, without limitation, any injury or damage to entrant’s or any other person’s computer system/software or mobile phone or other portable electronic device related to or resulting from participation or downloading any materials in the Prize Draw. 6.4. Use of any device to automate or subvert entry is prohibited and any entries received by such means will be void. No software-generated, robotic, programmed, script, macro or other automated entries are permitted and any entries received by such means will be void. 6.5. Promoter reserves the right in its sole discretion to verify the winner and disqualify any person it suspects or finds: (i) to have used a software generated, robotic, programmed, script, macro or other automated entry; (ii) to have tampered with the entry process or the operation of the draw; (iii) to be acting in a disruptive manner, or with the intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other person; (iv) to display behaviour that will bring such winner or Promoter into disgrace; (v) to have provided inaccurate information upon entering the Prize Draw; or (vi) to be acting in violation of these terms; (vii) to have gained unfair advantage in participating in the promotion or won using fraudulent means. ANY VIOLATION OF THESE OFFICIAL RULES BY A WINNER WILL RESULT IN SUCH INDIVIDUAL’S DISQUALIFICATION AS A WINNER OF THE DRAW AND ALL PRIVILEGES AS A WINNER WILL BE IMMEDIATELY TERMINATED.

7. General 7.1. To the fullest extent possible in law, the Promoter does not accept liability for any losses or claims whatsoever arising out of participation in the Prize Draw and the acceptance of any Prize. 7.2. This promotion is not affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by the product or retailer featured in the prize. Trademarks, logos and names of the products and retailers are the property of their respective owner. 7.3. Participants are responsible for all costs and expenses relating to participation in the Prize Draw, such as the cost of accessing the internet etc. 7.4. Except as otherwise required by applicable law, the Promoter shall not be liable for the content of any externally linked web sites. 7.5. The Promoter reserves the right to investigate and reject claims it believes to be of a fraudulent nature. Should a claim be upheld as fraudulent the Promoter reserves the right to pursue damages against individuals in connection with the claim. 7.6. The Promoter does not guarantee continuous uninterrupted or secure access to the Site. Numerous factors outside the control of the Promoter may interfere with the operation of the Website. No responsibility will be accepted for any difficulties in entering or any entries delayed or corrupted. 7.7. The Promoter’s decisions in all promotional matters in relation to this Prize Draw are final and no correspondence will be entered into. 7.8. Any question concerning the legal interpretation of the rules will be based on the law of England and Wales and the Courts of England and Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction.

8. Promoter: Lidl GB