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What are your Holiday Packing Tips?

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What are your Holiday Packing Tips?

Hi Liders,


If you’re getting ready to pack, pop into Lidl. This week from Thursday Lidl will be stocking five-piece Luggage Organizer Sets (£5.99) and Luggage Scales (£4.29).


Do you have any packing tips? Do you roll or fold your clothes? Do you every vacuum pack clothes? And what is on your list of things not to forget?


Best Wishes,

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Re: What are your Holiday Packing Tips?

Work out what you want to take, then halve it! I tend to pack similar items in plastic bags - yet another use for those single use plastic bags that we are supposed to throw away. Shirts and trousers are folded, as are t-shirts, shorts etc. Other items are laid in and rolled into spaces.


Not holiday but, when I travel overseas for work, I take a suit cover. My shirts and additional trousers are folded on the hangers and other items are packed in plastic bags in the zipped pockets. I have an AIR-wash kit and a non-air wash kit so that blades, liquids etc are made air friendly.

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Re: What are your Holiday Packing Tips?

If travelling by plane, I always pack 2 days clothing in my hand luggage in case a suitcase is misplacedSmiley Surprised

I also pack half and half for the same reason. So I pack a mixture of Mrb's and my clothes together.

I try not to do what one passenger did on a cruise. She packed half and half took iyt literally and put one of a pair of shoes in one case and the other in the other. Unfortunately luggage was misplaced and her hubby only had one showSmiley Surprised

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Re: What are your Holiday Packing Tips?

Good tips and funny story @mrsblazer

Rage and Love
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Re: What are your Holiday Packing Tips?

My top tips are:

1. Travel insurance - tedious checking the deals and prices but well worth it.


2. Medical kit - we keep one with our passports so it's just there ready to take. Some items you might not think about to include are an emergency tooth/crown filler kit. Just imagine - you lose a filling while away, these tiny kits just allow you to pack the tooth yourself and you can get on with your break (with a bit of care about what you eat) until you get back - you don't really want a visit to the dentist on holiday do you?


3. We usually go self catering so it's worth a bit of planning to take a few things to get you up and running immediately

because these places can be missing many items you would expect. So take things like coffee/teabags/dried milk/tin opener/cheap tea towels a bit of washing up liquid and brush and one decent serrated knife - we managed to pack a really useful kit without getting anywhere near our luggage allowance and we really felt the difference. It means you are not having to run off on a shopping spree for mundane things and can spend your holiday money on what you've really gone there for.

Other items

Travel wash

Insulated bag

Ear plugs - essential if you have noisy neighbours


Insect repellent

Travel Alarm



I made a list one year of what I took and then ticked off what I actually used - which was very little. Have given up taking hair dryer and similar kit - just not worth it, I'm on holiday who cares? we roll as many clothes as possible and wear the heavier items. Husband does the same, I don't want to lug a heavy suitcase around. In fact last year we bought two cabin back packs and found we could actually get enough in them for a week without using hold luggage - such freedom from the tyranny of the luggage carousel scrum.

Otherwise on the plane I take enough essentials so that if our luggage went astray we'd be ok with what's with us.



List all essential numbers and reference for your holiday and at home - pet sitter etc. do it small and laminate it keep 2 copies with you. All of this stops you worrying about anything that might go wrong while away.

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Re: What are your Holiday Packing Tips?

I roll my clothes .i dont take towels i buy couple of cheap ones from local market which are very cheap .i take suncream hats imodium just in case also mosquito detterant .mind u i dont go away that often lol
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Re: What are your Holiday Packing Tips?

 packing is quite a serious problem, first draw up a list of important things like passports meds etc,. I put folded tops into plastic bags, but now i will be using the lidl travelling set that has lot of types of zip bags, which is so useful. a toilet bag is always useful along with sunscreen, and meds for upset tummies is quite important as well. I always wrap shoes in a store shopping bag so that I can pack them where ever they will fit.

I also tke a large plactic bag for dirty laundry too, 

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