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Just back from Portugal


Just back from Portugal

Went to Porto with the family. Absolutely lovely, obviously sad to come back to reality.

But I would recommend it for anyone who is looking somewhere to go, particularly if you like spectacular historical churches and wine.


Anyone else go anywhere nice they'd recommend? Need ideas for next year.

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Re: Just back from Portugal

Hello @Horner3489, I am so glad you had a good time but why didn't you bring back some decent weather. Down here in the Westcountry its pouring down AGAIN!!

I have visited Portugal briefly on a day out whilst on a cruise. I don't like flying so I can't help with flying to any country except Spain. Portugal is a pretty place to visit.


I have went on a coach holiday some years ago and was pleasantly surprised. There were people of all generations and we stopped every 2 hours so we saw some beautiful places. We travelled through the Pyrenees, we visited Lourdes for a day (amazing venue), Paris, then we spent the second week in Tossa de Mar. We stayed in a hotel and because we had a coach we went on some great trips including Paris by night.


I have to say there is nothing quite like a cruise though. You are on holiday from the minute you set foot on your ship. Cruises are perfect for all generations with so much to do and see on board. You have shops, spa, entertainment, cinema, swimming, barbecues, dances, various bars, and restaurants. You are waited on hand and foot, nothing is too much trouble. 

We have visited so many different countries and seen some amazing scenery, architecture, traditions, people and their cultures. We have visited countries for a day, sometimes two days, but then others for only half a day. I have always found the experience to be ample though.

What other holiday would make it possible to visit so many places in a lifetime unless I was a millionaire of course @Horner3489 Smiley Happy

We have visited lots of countries in the Mediterranean, on the Canary Islands, North Africa and the Baltic's

I know other Lidlers have also been on cruises and I don't think anyone has had a bad cruise.

Next year we are doing a Greek Islands cruise for 17 days.


Another sort of holiday we have been on is the Eurocamp holidays @Horner3489. We did one in France when the children were teenagers and a couple of years ago we went to Amsterdam, just the 2 of us. The holidays were good value and we enjoyed every minute. We drove so we could go where we wanted to when we wanted to but we also went on a couple of the coach tours laid on by Eurocamp so it was not about us driving all the time.


I don't know if any of this gives you any ideas @Horner3489 but if you go back over the 'Time off' group you will read about other types of holidays as well.


It would be great if you let us know what you decide, I'm the nosy Lidler Smiley Happy

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Re: Just back from Portugal

That's interesting to hear,  we've had a look of Porto before now @Horner3489  I like really old towns and interesting streets and buildings. I like some sun and the opportunity to swim in the sea but we also like to do lots of walking and sightseeing. I can recommend Madeira too as another Portuguese destination. We had a lovely week there a few years ago. Funchal the capital is vibrant, historical and very clean and well kept and there are lots of churches too. The botanical gardens are famous and spectacular. Beware that the island is very mountainous though so using the buses and going on day trips to visit other places is the best way to get around. We were lucky to get an island day trip and went to the highest point on the island where you can see from one side to the other.

We like Greece and have been to several islands, especially Corfu. Corfu town has a fantastic mix of architecture with the Venetian and Moorish influence. Last year we went to Skiathos and that is a lovely island, there are some great beaches and the town has lots of restaurants around the marina in Skiathos town. Plenty of buses to get you out on the coast to visit other places.

The other place I can really recommend is the Italian lakes, I've been to Lake Garda and also Lake Como which is fantastic. Bellagio is the most well known and picturesque place (although we stayed in Mandello del Lario which is the home of the MotoGuzzi motorcycle factory and museum, a pilgrimage for all Guzzi owners Woman Very Happy)

You can spend the day criss crossing the lake on the water taxis and looking at all the fabulous villas along the shoreline and the food is wonderful too. I even got to swim in the lake from the lovely public beach and Lido area, which was a real treat.