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Tell us your ideal Holiday for your chance to win one of three £25 Lidl Vouchers

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Hi Lidlers,


Do you like winding cobbled roads or beautiful sandy beaches? Are you an adventure holiday or a vineyard tour type?




Tell us your ideal Holiday in a comment on this post before the 20th of June at 23.59pm for your chance to win one of three £25 Lidl Vouchers.


You can find the full terms and conditions here.


Best Wishes,


My Lidl Team

Respected Contributor

Anywhere without washing up!

beach, pool and sun preferred.


Occasional Contributor

Like different holidys at different times but mainly like anywhere that is laid back and peaceful.  Also it is important that I am away from my, or any, kitchen!

Trusted Contributor

Love windy roads , cobbled or not as you never are sure what you might discover.  I love any holiday that shows me something different and interesting. We are both a bit old for adventure that includes climbing  huge hills and swinging off trees.


So for me, its lovely if I can visit cultural places like castles, museums art galleries and old pubs for a light lunch. the enjoyment of finding a regional small restaurant for an evening meal.

To relax and enjoy is the essence - not to stay in the hotel or guest house but to be out all day - and enjoying ourselves

Respected Contributor

Cruising is my favourite holiday.... being waited on and no washing up.  Going on guided tours around various countries we stop at and learning about their history.  Laying on sun loungers around the pool deck and sipping various cocktails and just relaxing. No adventure holidays for us now we are older.....

Regular Contributor

I love walking so anywhere we can go and explore. Last year we went to Berwick Upon Tweed, it was mostly wet and cold but we still enjoyed looking at castle ruins and learning about the history etc 😀



Esteemed Contributor

 My ideal holiday is anytime I get to spend away from the usually daily grind for my husband, he makes any holiday special.


We also love cruises like @Jade 

There is nothing quite like it, relaxing, pampering, being waited on 24 hours a day if required and nothing is too much trouble.

We have been to so many different countries on our cruises. We would never have been to all these places if we had flown etc. 

As said by @Jade there are plenty of excursions and opportunities to tour and visit different places, see different cultures and architecture etc.


I also enjoy weekend breaks and holidays in our Motorhome. We haven't been abroad in it yet but it is great to be able to stop just about anywhere.

We have seen great and beautiful places in the UK and met some amazing people .


The great thing about having either of our holiday choices is that we feel relaxed from day one and it's something we wish would never end.

I hate hubby having to return to work but we always plan our next holiday on the day we get back.

Frequent Contributor

Im not a beach person .so my ideal holiday is wandering around churches.old ruins .and love looking around local markets for a bargin .i love to see what the traditional cusine is like and tasting it too .i love to see how different cultures live and dress .

New Contributor

Hi Lidl

I do not have to give much thought to my ideal holiday. I like to return to Stornoway on the Isle-of-Lewis. My Fathers people come from there and I moved onto the Island when I was fifthteen. Did not appreciate what a beautiful place the Isle-of Lewis is as a teenager and could not wait to leave, but as an adult I love to go back every few years. It has the most wonderful beaches with golden sands, which go on for miles and you can be the only person on the beach. Stornoway it self is like going back in time, but it has began to catch up with the main land.


The harbour and Castle Grounds are beautiful and many a happy hour have I spent just watching the sea and listening to the flow of the river Creed. I visit family when im there and just soak up the slower pace of life. 


For me it's sun that's not too ridiculously hot.  
I love Spain (they have Lidl too!!), a villa with a pool, relaxed BBQ's, trips to the beach, local markets, enjoying local cuisine, swimming, laughing, watching the sunset and smelling the jasmine, seeing Gecko's run by.  Visiting tourist attractions, seeing flamenco dancing, playing in parks, feeding ducks, taking in the Spanish scenary then a bit more swimming and a few more BBQ's!

But... best of all, it's the memory building for not just myself but the kids too.

In the absence of a Spanish holiday though, we are camping this year and squeezing in a couple of festivals too, still building those memories :-)

Trusted Contributor

My favourite holiday now-a-days is a nice cottage in the UK, somewhere I can drive to easily - no windy, narrow roads, and it must have decent parking space. 


Anywhere in the UK is fine by me, perhaps somewhere I can visit and meet up with old friends and family.  Seaside - nice sandy beach or a pebble one they are all good. Am member of National Trust and love to look around their properties.  


I know it sounds like I'm pandering but before I book anywhere I always make sure that there is a Lidl reasonably close by.  If there isn't I probably won't book, but if the location is sensational we'll pack enough food to last us until we can make another Lidl visit. The new large cool bag will be great for this.  It's really useful to be able to check out Lidl locations.




Trusted Contributor

My favourite holiday is always to Devon, I just love everything about that area, it is where I am my most relaxed with no stress.


The beaches are amazing and the Countryside is spectacular, no contest for me.

Respected Contributor

swmbo likes old ruins @louloubelle - well, she' s married to one!!  Had been members of NT for many years @Flossy but resigned in disgust last year after it's appallng behaviour in Lake District, Felbrigg Hall etc. and towards it's own 'tenants'.  I believe the idiot at the helm during the years all this was going on has gone now but doubt we will rejoin - a real shame!

Regular Contributor

My ideal holiday would be somewhere that can be explored but also somewhere that we can feel relaxed. It would be somewhere suited to families and have some fun theme parks to go to too. We have been on a couple of lovely cruises that have been great, rock climbing, ice skating, water park so this is my perfect holiday. (Although I loved Legoland too!)

Trusted Contributor

I should say anywhere there's a Lidl within easy reach shouldn't I? in fact last time we were in Corfu we spotted one in the distance as we were on the bus but didn't have time to go and stock up for our self-catering place but would definitely do so another time. The perfect holiday is not just about where you go but how you get there and for this one I'm choosing air travel.

1. I know my cat is being well looked after at home while I'm away - this gives me peace of mind

2. I have enough money to spend in order to have comfortable and enjoyable time

3. Door to door service - someone comes to collect me from my house (even if it's shared transport with other holiday makers) and drives me to the airport and collects me and brings me back - wasn't that the original aim of a package holiday? we had a fabulous company locally which did that called Top Travel and they were just that.

4. I have extra legroom on the plane and don't have to sit next to someone who drinks too much and is noisy, also I want an adults only section where a kid isn't kicking the back of my seat all the way there and on the return journey - both of these things really happened to us.

5. My destination must be somewhere sunny

6. I want to stay in a small characterful quiet place that has some privacy and is near the sea. I would love it if someone was there to offer me some meals based on local food, and not some bland version of international cuisine.

7. I want to be able to get out and explore the local culture, walk, visit places and get to know all about it

8. I love to be able to go to the beach and swim in the sea as much as I can

9. Have leisurely meals out in the warm evenings and be able to avoid noisy bars, nightclubs and pools with loudspeakers around them.

10. I want to feel relaxed and happy and feel like I have been on holiday not come home with the sense that I have dealt with a series of problems caused by others.

Frequent Visitor

My favourite holiday is spent in a villa in Greece, something we do minimum of every other year  -  only 3 villas on the site and 2 of them are occupied by myself, partner and friends.  Spending time with people we love and also making new friends!    We fly in to Kalamata,  pick up our hire car and drive straight to Lidl to stock up on essentials for our holiday  -  after that it's a 20 minute drive to rest and relaxation  -  yummm!!!

Trusted Contributor
@meme welcome, your holiday sounds ideal. We love Greece, I've looked at the Peloponnese but never been there.
Frequent Visitor

@homebaker - thanks for the welcome  Smiley Happy    It IS an ideal holiday  -  the villa is on a hillside overlooking the sea that's between the 'fingers' of the Pelopennese and the sun rises over the mountains giving a glorious sunrise every morning.   


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Occasional Visitor

Cobbled roads, sandy beaches, adventure or a love of wine you ask?  No need to choose as the city of Malaga has it all! Great for families as many budget airlines from all over UK, accessible and great weather. We go every year whether it be summer or Christmas. You can shop, eat out (it's a foodie heaven) AND sunbathe, even play golf,  keeping all the age groups in your family happy Smiley Happy At Christmas time there are parades through the city and the lights are magical. If self catering, or on a budget, the city is full of Lidls with many familiar products from "home" as well as some interesting new products to try. Here's a photo of a product bought from Lidl during Spanish week called Churros, delicious! All in all, it's our home from home!



New Contributor

After a recent trip around wales I would go back there at the drop of a hat, traveling in a 28ft Motorhome on those narrow winding roads was awesome, the views were spectacular and for once the weather was perfect.

the Gower is an incredible place to look around. If you haven’t tried it I highly recommend it. 

New Contributor
I want to be on a small island, small enough to hike around the perimeter in a day. I want to spend my time kayaking and snorkelling around blue lagoons. I want a plentiful supply of prawns and fresh fruit to eat. I want to learn stand-up paddle boarding. I want to leave work and worries behind. I want to up my vitamin D level. I want the island to be free of pollution and the drum of traffic. I want to feel bright-eyed and free.
Regular Contributor

I hate washing up and making beds so anywhere that I don't have to do these two things would be great.  Prefer somewhere sunny and near water.

Senior Visitior

I have 5 children and my youngest has autism so you can imagine how chaotic my Home can be so my ideal holiday would be sitting under a tree in the shade from the lovely warm sun with a good book,bottle of wine,nice breads and olive oils all alone in complete silence and all about me😁😁

New Member

Oh gosh, good question! Our favourite has always been some form of escapism involving water. We just love Canada, in partiuclar the Vancouver area that is surrounded by water and mountains. Not many places where you have white sandy beaches on one side and snow covered mountains with bears on the other.  The Rocky Mountain train ride is also something I would like to do again as it's truly spectacular.


Such places can allow your imagination to run away with you and combine local cultures, high tech and entertainment all within easy reach. Rest and relax if you want to and plenty to do when you're not completely worn out!


Next on our bucket list is a cruise out of Vancouver to Alaska!

Now I'm dreaming again.............

New Contributor

my perfect holiday would be by the ocean golden beaches blue seas being able to swim in the sea. A wander round the villages travelling up into the cool hillside.

tasting local food with lovely wines and beers.

just somewhere to recharge the mind before maybe a cruise around the Carribean and Americas where everything is provided. Two contrasting but they would be my day.

18 years since my last holiday in a dingy chalet that smelled of rotting fish and a bed with springs coming through on the Norfolk coast. 

One day I hope my dream of a beautiful holiday will materialise. 

Occasional Visitor

Costa Del Sol

New Member

I live in West Dorset, with sea views of the Jurassic Coast.  A 'Stay-cation' is my ideal holiday, especially when family and friends come to stay too! Heart