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Share your food photos for World Photography Day for your chance to win one of three £25 vouchers

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Hi Lidlers,


These days, there is hardly a meal eaten that isn’t the subject of a full photo-shoot beforehand. With World Photography Day coming up, we felt it was the perfect time to celebrate this foodie photo craze with a summer food photo competition.




Whether you took it at a restaurant in Rome, your favourite local café or a dish you have prepared yourself, it doesn’t matter. Post any pictures you’ve taken of meals you’ve enjoyed recently in the comments below to be entered into our prize draw.


The three lucky winners will receive a £25 Lidl Voucher to spend in store. You can see the full terms and conditions here.


You can upload photos by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking on the camera icon under Post a Comment, highlighted in the image below. On mobile or tablet, then select 'Tap for upload options'. On desktop select 'Choose Files' or simply drag and drop your images into the window.


Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 11.20.05.png


Happy snapping!



The My Lidl Team

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Home made chips, my husbands specialty :)Home made chips, my husbands specialty Smiley HappyMid week roastMid week roast


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Bacon puddingBacon puddingSteak dinner, almost as advertisedSteak dinner, almost as advertised


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Fishcake supperFishcake supper


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Lunch today - Morrocan Beetroot Salad made with our homegrown beetroot, tomatoes and parsley, mixed with red onion, garlic and coriander leaves. Served with homegrown courgette cut into strips, along with homegrown lettuce and salad leaves. Plus chickpeas, olives and anchovies. Dressed with olive oil and wine vinegar with chopped chilli. (Remembered how to post a picture on this, have to post a comment first before I get the option to edit it then I get the options to add images)

You can find the full instructions on how to make this on the recipe thread here

Morrocan Beetroot SaladMorrocan Beetroot Salad


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I see you have managed to updload your photo @homebaker and it looks delicious.



We had steak and kidney pudding today but everyone ate it too quickly for me to take a photo Smiley Happy

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Pikelets with black olives, cheese, ham and tomatoesPikelets with black olives, cheese, ham and tomatoes



Cracker bread with  lightest Philadelphia,ham and saladCracker bread with lightest Philadelphia,ham and salad



Sweet chilli chicken with  pineapple cottage cheese and saladSweet chilli chicken with pineapple cottage cheese and salad


I love a food pic! I have a whole album dedicated to it (haha, I don't get out much 😆)  These are all things I have made. 

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Good for you @Nic that Chicken with cheese and salad looks sensational - not so sure about the rest though!  Are you sure about the 'crumpet' dish?  and is that really ham?  looks more like Spam to me!! Smiley Sad love the olives though!


My home made sausage casserole, I make a huge load of it and I eat 1 meal and I freeze 5 more meals to eat on other days.

i love cooking and baking and I always make loads to eat and freeze because I find it allot cheaper to cook/bake for 5-8 people and freeze what I don't eat after making i


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Chargrilled chicken breast calabrese  deliciousChargrilled chicken breast calabrese delicious



Sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice creamSticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream



Goats cheese & onion tart with mixed saladGoats cheese & onion tart with mixed salad



Full Scottish breakfast ...loved the haggisFull Scottish breakfast ...loved the haggis





Homemade paella using chicken drumsticksHomemade paella using chicken drumsticks

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Baked egg cups with bacon soldiers!Baked egg cups with bacon soldiers!


Lemon drizzle cakeLemon drizzle cake

Can't seem to get the picture to rotate, so have to look sideways 



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How about a FOOT LONG Hotdog with Cheese and Chilli. 



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A wonderful home-made curry using Lidl minced beef, veg, coconut milk and some curry powders.  Served with veg rice and although usually not very good at curries,My curry.jpg this was lovely.

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salad (Ryde).jpgCheese and sundried tomato muffins.jpgChocolate Brownie and cap.jpgcourgette platter.jpgToby yorkshire roast.jpgToby roast.jpg

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The the photo of the steak pie I posted. My darling made that for me last Sunday, all the ingredients were from your marvellous store...👍🥇👏😋

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Mediterranean salad made using Kevin Love's recipe. 





Lidl's Organic pasta with salad. 








Vegetarian stir fry,  using Lidl stir fry frozen vegetables and Quorn steak pieces with noodles in Hoisin sauce.  





My favourite desert.  Rum and coconut flavoured sponge ring filled with thick cream and strawberries.  






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I could die happy if the cause was too many of those rum and coconut ring deserts @Jade - they look absolutely fantastic!

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Strawberry Cheesecake made with Lidl cream cheese, double cream, strawberries, digestive biscuits and sugarstrawberry cheesecake.jpg

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Where and How do I post my picture?

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Hi @Welshie  if you click on the 'camera photos' icon above,  it will take you into uploading your photos. Just follow the instructions there and it will put the photo where you want it. 

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Buffalo and Beef Burger with Potato Crowns and Crispy Poached Egg.jpg



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Amazing photos of wonderful food from all of you!  I am getting fatter just by looking at them, never mind if I was eating the food!! Smiley LOL

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My Easter cakeMy Easter cake

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Well done @Welshie hope you found it easy to upload your photo. 

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Quorn balls in a  home made Mediterranean sauce with pasta. 






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Looks good enough to eat @Jade Smiley Happy X

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My apple pieMy apple pie

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My Salmon and Courgette QuicheMy Salmon and Courgette Quiche

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@Welshie what a beautiful looking pie. Far too pretty too eat. You must have some patience, your cake looks delicious too. Well done. 

It would be great if you could share your cake recipe on our Recipe page so others could try it. I don't know as mine would look like yours though @Welshie


@Vicky11 when you have the time could you put the recipe for your Quiche on our recipe section please? It looks love and its always handy to have different recipes. Personally, I often look for something different to use Courgettes in because my family love them.

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Thank you tommiesgirl for your lovely comments. The cake is Mary Berry’s chocolate cake recipe and I used the ganache to stick the chocolate flakes to the top and sides. I cant remember how many I used only that it was hell cutting them to size. The little chocolate eggs came from Amazon. It is a bit fiddly but easy and the result is impressive. 🤠

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Made with love for MumMade with love for Mum 


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This was my dessert  at Zizzi we went for our anniversary IMG_2882.JPG