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Share your favourite bakes for your chance to win a Β£25 Lidl Voucher.

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Hi Lidlers,


From the gorgeously gooey to the crisp and crumbly - all the time, there’s more and more home-bakes being made all over the country.


Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 14.12.13.png


Have you been baking? Comment with a picture below, or just tell us about your favourite bakes and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a Β£25 Lidl Voucher.


The competition closes on the 30th of April at 11.59pm. You can find the full terms and conditions here.


If you’re in the mood to bake, we’ve got lots of brilliant bakes to try on, check them out here.



My Lidl Team

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It's got too be cornbeef and onion pie enough said 

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 for everyday good old wholemeal bread with walnuts or mixed grain. I always use Lidl flour, if i use anything else it never turns out right.! And i'm not just saying that.

But for pure indulgence, coffee and walnut cake with butter icing. not good for my waistline but excellent for my morale


I like to make cup cakes as the results are always good with Lidl ingredients and the Grandchildren love the results (although they don't last very long!)

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My coffee and walnut cake. 






I love chocolate and orange drizzle cake, particularly because it has to be eaten fast due to it going mouldy so quickly!

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 I make a delicious vegan chocolate cheesecake for my daughter and me as we're both lactose intolerant.  It only costs about Β£3 to make as I get most of my ingredients from Lidl Smiley Very Happy I'll include my recipe and pix Smiley Very Happy 


Vegan Choc Cheesecake


450g Lidl Oaties or Digestives
120g Vitalite or dairy free margarine
250g Dark Chocolate (I used Lidl Fin Carre choclate in the red wrapper. It's about 39p a bar and I used 2 and a half bars. Also a couple of squares for grating on top)
500g pot Alpro vanilla yogurt 
Handful of shelled walnuts (or any nut you fancy) or none if allergic 
Large flan tin or brownie pan


Put biscuits in a freezer bag and smash with a rolling pin or blend to a fine crumb.
Melt margarine on a low heat until liquid.
Mix crushed biscuits and margarine until fully combined.
Press mixture into tin and refrigerate for an hour or two.
Melt chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water.
Slowly add yogurt. A little at a time will bring the temperature down slowly and stop the chocolate seizing or the yogurt splitting.
When fully combined pour mixture into tin on top of biscuit base and smooth out evenly.
Refrigerate for 6 hours or overnight to set.
Smash a couple of the lefto
ver biscuits and the nuts and combine.
Sprinkle over the top and lastly grate 3/4 squares of leftover chocolate to finish.
Serve on its own or with soya cream substitute, Alpro custard or dairy free icecream.




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An old fashioned Lardy Cake!

Calories at their best!



I  I made a Lemon Pavola for was delicious!

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About this time every year I make a very easy boil in the pan Christmas Loaf using plenty of Lidl's gorgeous dried friut & glace cherries. As the recipe suggests you melt most of the ingredients in a pan & simmer for a couple of minutes, once its allowed to cool you can then add the rest of the ingredients and put  the mixture into a loaf tin to bake for about 1hr. How simple is that? I then drizzle a generous amount of brandy over it every couple of weeks until its Christmas. I never spoil it by covering it in almond paste & icing its fabulous just as it is accompanied by a nice wedge of crumbly Lancashire cheese 

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Brownies.jpgYummy Chocolate Brownies. This is a favourite recipe in our house.Carrot Cake.jpgCarrot cake and chocolate cupcake. Both my daughters enjoy baking.

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DSCF7154.JPGcarrot cakes

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It has to be apple pie just like a mamma used to bake with a sprinkling of sugar on top

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Making us hungry now! 

Plum and ginger crumble was enjoyed today πŸ˜‹

muffins are a quick and easy treat as is a home made tea loaf served toasted with butter.

my all time fave is lemon meringue.

the kids like chocolate cake although I am not a fan. Brownies are nice and now I come to think of it I can’t resist home made flapjacks.


My current favourite is a loaf cake with lime zest, coconut and cardamon pods.  This is topped with sugar and fresh lime juice.  Really, really nice!

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Some lovely cakes and recipes so far... I have shared lots of favourite bakes on here but the two I like most are my sourdough bread and the Pastel de Nata custard tarts.PICT2339.JPGPICT2185.JPG



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My normal breakfast is wholemeal bread with mashed avacado, on top sunflower, pumkin and black seasame seeds sandwich with tumeric tea.


Cant beat a good moist lemon drizzle loaf.... I just hate all the zesting.. but the results make it worth while x


I love to make an apple cake.  It's my late mother's recipe and is simple but oh so delicious.

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Chewy honey and cinnamon biscuits


They may not look that special but they taste amazing and are really simple to make!


120g butter

120g sugar

1 tbsp honey

1 egg yolk

1 tsp cinnamon

180g self-raising flour



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image.jpegA family favourite ginger cupcakes with lemon curd buttercream.

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I love to make good old fashioned flapjack for my three sons but it has to be made with generous amounts of golden syrup so they are nice and chewy. They don't last long though!

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These Strawberry Muffins are gorgeous!!

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 I love making lemon and blueberry loaf.Lemon and blueberry loaf.JPG

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Today is my Hubby's birthday and he is not the type who enjoys a birthday cake so I usually make his favourite dessert and something else for him to nibble later.So this afternoon I made Hubby a steamed Golden Syrup sponge for dessert after our evening meal.


20180413_225038.jpgGolden Syrup Spongecake


For his evening nibbles I made some rock bun/macaroon combi cakes he loves. Some time ago I was going to make Rock Cakes but Hubby said he finds them too dry even though I'd never made them, so I started making fruit Macaroons for him. Then one day I couldn't find my Macaroon tray that I used so I ended up making a mixture that was more moist than Rock Cakes but not quite the same as Macaroons. I just put piles on a flat baking tray and the whole family, particularly Hubby loved them. 

I made 18 this afternoon but only 10 remained by 8pm and Hubby was moaning about 'how he feels fit to burst' ! Good job its his birthday Smiley Happy


 20180413_125647.jpgRock Bun/Fruit Macaroon Combi



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Easy Peasy Mince Pies that I take with me to the annual Carol Service on our Private Estate

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Chocolate rice crispy cakes are delicious and so easy to make too.
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my favourite bake is chicken and mushroom pie 

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Vegan chocolate and raspberry cake cake3.jpg

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Pies,pies and more pies!

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Recently we went gluten free which was so challenging at the beggining.Family members and friends think that we are starving and miss all those yummy cakes, cupcakes and biscuits.Well...we don't. Little bit of practice and even my older son always double checks :"Mummy are you sure it is gluten free?!? So delicious!IMG_20170526_214513.jpg




gluten free.jpg


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Not really baking but I have just made rice crispy cakes with my children using coco pops and melted easter eggs with chocolate eggs on top.

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My favourite bakes are the glutenfree/dairyfree/eggfree choclate cake, cupcakes, etc. that I make so that all the family can share them and no-one feels left out.  It was quite a challenge when I first had to adapt recipes as there was little help in recipe books at the time and we didn't have the internet.

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Me and the boys like to make biscuits, sometimes we dip them in melted chocolate πŸ˜€20180415-0005.jpegBiscuits!


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IMG_20160822_134405.jpgMy Victoria Sponge, A Lidl bit of heaven

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Screenshot_20180416-193707.jpgMy lovely bundt cake!

I really enjoyed making and eating this!! 

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football birthday cake.jpgMy daughter made this lovely football cake for my nephew Ashley's birthday xx

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IMG_1453.JPGI usually bake with the kids, quite often cupcakes as they are so easy to make and fun to eat.

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The chocolate aero mint cheesecake which I made recently. The base was made using crushed digestive biscuits, brown sugar and cocoa powder, the cheese part was made using mascarpone cheese, sugar, double cream, milk, peppermint extract and green food colouring, whereas for the topping I used double cream, icing sugar, peppermint extract and green food colouring along with a mint aero chocolate bar and mint aero bubbles.
This cheesecake was very rich and delicious. If you love minty chocolate, then I promise you will love this. Smiley Happy

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I am not a very good baker. This is one of my best effoCake 2015.jpgrts

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FB_IMG_1520756861377.jpgTraditional cornish pasties


20180325_181406.jpgChicken ham and leek piie

 Love making pies and pasties.   

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I love to make cupcakes here are my cute buttercream hearts and flowers


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Victoria Sponge is my favourite thing to bake.

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1015D8A5-56EA-46CD-8537-6F14E5A84694.jpegYummy brownies


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 I love making my homemade gooey cookies


I love baking & home cooking and I have many favourite bakes, too many to list! 


Here's a recent one I made.  I was delighted to discover the joy of baking a biscuit base for added crisp to this amazing calorie filled desert.  It's super easy to make & very rich.  My in laws were impressed with it but it didn't help their diet Smiley Very Happy

Easy_chocolate_pudding_recipe.jpgIf you're brave enough to consume the calories I can share the recipe!!










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Love making banana bread with Nutella Smiley Happy

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love making reeses cups between double stuffed oreos and coated in dark chocolate!



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My favourite bake is bread pudding with brandy. My family love it and are always nagging me to make it. I add extra spice so the brandy doesn't overpower the flavour.25586784_10214420598330509_9149672440236304016_o.jpg

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lemon drizzle.jpgLemon Drizzle cake

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IMG_0099.JPGThis is a double chocolate fudge cake. Although I love to bake new recipes, any chocolate cake is a winner to me and always worth another bake!