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Introducing My Lidl’s New Christmas 2017 Badges

Community Manager

Hi Lidlers,


December is here and the buzz of Christmas is in the air. We’re getting My Lidl into the spirit with some time-limited Christmas 2017 badges.

This Christmas Lidl is celebrating the different kinds of festive personalities who make Christmas so very special, like those featured in our Christmas ads.


So we’ve created 9 My Lidl badges each representing one of the personalities from the films:


If you take centre stage to cut the turkey you may be a Cavalier Carver.




Or if it’s your fancy desserts that steal the show, you may be the Centrepiece Show Off.


Christmas_Wreath_Xmas pud_1-04.png


If you can’t get enough of a finger food buffet you may be the Double Dipper.


Christmas_Wreath_Double dip v.2_1-01.png


Or perhaps you are the Mince Pie Maverick who just can’t stop munching your favourite Christmas treat all season long.




As the Tipple Technician, you know what spirits to pour to make a dazzling cocktail.




Or are you the Rebel Roaster who makes their own rules when it comes to the Christmas main?




The Visiting Vegetarian who never knows what will be served for Christmas lunch.




You could be the Cheeseboard Champion, meaning cheese is the main event for you.




Or you may be that Last Minute Panicker who just worries they might not quite manage it all in time for the big day!




If you identify yourself as one of these Christmassers, just let My Lidl know in the comments and we’ll add a badge to your profile over the Christmas period.


Best Wishes,

The My Lidl Team



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Woman LOL  I'm definitely the rebel roaster, we're having roast lamb, not Turkey!

Respected Contributor

I knew you would be @Anonymous Smiley Happy We're with you on the lamb, albeit for dinner on Boxing Day! Smiley Very Happy Me? I'm the 'Cavalier carver' although I draw the line at wearing a silly hat (with or without feathers!) Smiley LOL 

Respected Contributor

We have already decided on a big leg of scotch lamb, the one you usually baulk at the price. So its rebel roaster for me too. @Lidl@Anonymous@harryflatters. Though I would have liked a HUMBUG badge to be on offer.

Respected Contributor

Do you get your lamb from a butcher @niceguy - where is your nearest one?  At least it will go with your other aspiration as in 'baaaaaa humbug' - I know, that's awful even by my pretty low standards @niceguy @Anonymous @Lidl

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ours is from an online scottish butcher this year as we bought a half lamb deal. Last year we bought it from lidl.they didn't have any turkey left so I had to run to T's to get one but the lamb from lidl was absolutely lovely, I'd happily buy it again

Regular Contributor

 Cheeseboard Champion

I love a good cheeseboard and Lidl make it so easy to put something really lovely together with so many different cheeses from Chedder to gorganzola to manchago to goats cheese - its a real round the world cheese tour

Respected Contributor

I wish there was a Christmas craft badge @Lidl.

I think I am several of your awards. I am a Rebel Roaster as we have several different roasts on offer. The usual turkey and pork plus gammon in apple juice, roast lamb as well as venison.

Cheeseboard Champion as we always have a large board with a wide selection of cheeses including wensleydale with cranberries, stilton steeped in port, stilton with apricots, cheddar, brie and goats cheese.

Centrepiece Showoff has to be Christmas Pudding ice cream for those too full to eat flaming brandy pudding. 

Mincepie Maverick isdefinitely mince pies warmed with a little added extraSmiley Wink with a dollop of cream or brandy butter.



Respected Contributor

Rebel Roaster for not having roast potatoes and doing creamy mashed potato instead. Sprouts with chopped mushrooms, chestnuts with melted butter, honey and parsley dribbled over them.

Mince pie Maverick,  just love them hot on their own with a coffee or dessert with lashings of Baileys fresh cream. 

Double Dipper, definitely with your Vegetarian Spring Rolls and sweet and sour sauce.  



New Contributor

I'm a tipple technician, a mince pie maverick but never a double dipper!


I'm a Last Minute Panicker by nature but I'm trying to change.

New Member

Cannot get enough Lidl mince pies, they are the best ever and great with double cream

New Member

A Mince Pie Maverick 

Regular Contributor

I think i would have to be the Last Minute Panicker


I am very organised when planning, i love a list or 5 but theres still the worry that im not going to be ready.





Esteemed Contributor

I agree with you @mrsblazer, with Christmas being a time for decorating and artistic items there should definitely be a badge for Christmas Art technicians or something similar. You definitely give great ideas for Christmas arts and crafts as well as decorating etc @mrsblazer@Lidl could this be added on for those who are great at decorating, making Christmas arts and crafts as well as those who are great at making brilliant centre pieces for the table etc.


I think I would qualify as a Rebel Roaster because although we have Turkey we also have Chicken, Beef, Pork, Gammon or Ham, as well as all the trimmings such as pigs in blankets, chipolatas, bacon, various stuffing's, parsnips, carrots baked in butter, sprouts. Finally I do a tray of roast potatoes cooked in the juices from the Turkey and another dish of roast potatoes cooked in the juices from the Chicken. Some years we have sweet potato mash as well, if I can get the potato.

Our plates look like mountains of food. I usually stop cooking roast dinners after the first week in December, much to the annoyance of my family, this makes Christmas dinner something everyone can't wait to get stuck into Smiley Happy

Regular Contributor

Double dipper for me please. X


Don't all go "yuk"

Trusted Contributor

definitely a cheeseboard Champion

Regular Contributor

Thank you for the badge. 

Esteemed Contributor

Thank you for my badges as well @Lidl.

I am proud to be Rebel Roaster 🤓

Trusted Contributor

Am I too late as usual?


I was too busy munching mince pies - I've got to be a Mince Pie Maverick.  




Image result for lidl mince pies

Occasional Visitor

Definately a centre piece show off! Its my job to make the sweets or the festive period


Respected Contributor

Woohoo, just back from a break and I've got 4 badgesSmiley Happy

Thanks @Lidl

Esteemed Contributor

Congratulations @mrsblazer. I didn't realise we were eligible to apply for more than one Christmas badge.

I know there are several of us who would come under the Mince Pie Mavericks, I know I have been having a box each week already. I bought  some that I have decided to save for Christmas week and I bought a jar of sweet Mincemeat to make some of my own too, so I think I would come under that category @Lidl


If I recall @Tanith@louloubelle (who eats a box to herself each time because no one else in her house eats them)   @Easyliner@Jade@harryflatters@User1; @Anonymous and @Enigma were all queueing at the door for the mince pies last year when they came out and I'm sure they will be the same this year.

Esteemed Contributor

@Lidl I think as well as other I may come under the Cheeseboard champion you mention.

I do a Buffet for the evening on Christmas Day and Boxing day as well as for New Year. I always buy the Deluxe Cheeseboard in Lidl, I also add a few extra cheeses because the family soon go through them all. I now have 7 cheeseboards, I gave some others to other family members as there are only so many I have room for Smiley Happy

If anyone is considering cheeses it is definitely worth considering the Deluxe Cheeseboard because of the selection, delicious crumbly Stilton, creamy flavoured Cheddar, as well as the Red Leicester and Cranberry cheese. Don't worry about the use by date either, I bought some in advance for New Year and the dates had expired but the cheeses were as fresh and tasty as the day we bought them.

I will be doing an extra Buffet this year, well more of a party Buffet as our grand-daughter is coming to stay from the 28th Dec-2nd Jan. So we are having a duplicate Christmas on Dec 30th to celebrate Christmas with our grand-daughter and ours son has a birthday on the same day so it will be a special birthday for him this year

More cheese please Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

Regular Contributor

I do love a mince pie especially tommiesgirl mince pies .hmmm. (hint hint) but I would be a trifle champion .I love love love sherry trifle .my friends mum makes me one every year .I buy one too so if anyone wants any that' what they get .so I don't have to share lol cruel I know lol.making mince pies and jam tarts tomorrow while the grandchildren decorate the tree .and someone very special to me has a birthday coming up haven' they tommiesgirl x

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what a good memory you have @tommiesgirl  you are right I love a favourina mince pie or three yumyumyum 

Occasional Contributor

I'm definitely the 'mince pie maverick', I absolutely love Lidl mince pies served warm with a big spoonful of extra thick fresh cream 😍

Occasional Contributor

I'm a rebel roaster too;

My Sis does all the trimmings and I normally do Roast Duck on a savoury bed, Leg of Lamb and a 3 bird roast, so eveyone gets a bit of what they fancy... Mmm...

Frequent Visitor


I bought the lidl cheese board  and rasemary crackers for christmas - but have then taken it to Marriott, Estapona, Spain  - and it has all been eaten and enjoyed by our school friends !

For the first time in 46 years we are leaving the North East and been invited to our son’s new home.

I have offered to cook Christmas Dinner for everyone and carve the turkey.

You will need to-decide whether  I can qualify for any badge  ?




Trusted Contributor

Hello and welcome @egmc12mbe I think that you should have a bravery award to offer to cook Christmas dinner in your sons new house - hope that you hav e a reat time and continue to join us all here - its a lot of fun


I am two !!  I'm a rebel roaster, as we always have beef rather than turkey... but I'm also a serious last minute panicker for everything else!!

Senior Visitior

Definitely a Double Dipper. Look what is going to be on offer: Mini Savoury Eggs, Mini Quiches, Oriental Duck and Chicken Parcels...just to name a few!

Regular Contributor

Thankyou for my badge .well I certainly stand up to the mark on Sunday I made eccles style mince pies I ate 9 of them !!!!!!! Made 18 jam tarts my hubby are all in one sitting better than them being thrown away is our excuse lol