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Exclusive My Lidl Preview: Lidl Moments Christmas Magazine

Community Manager

Hi Lidlers,


Like all those young at heart we can’t quite wait for Christmas. If you can’t either why not unwrap just one present from Lidl a little bit early?


Enjoy a sneak peek at all the seasonal goodness in Lidl’s upcoming Christmas magazine here.


Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 17.22.56.png


The magazine is full of tips and tricks to help you start planning Christmas. We’d love to hear your thoughts and if there are any recipes you’ll be trying or products you’ll be picking up for the big day!


Best Wishes,

My Lidl team

Respected Contributor

Wow, it all looks absolutely fabulous - I think my waistline has expanded just looking at all that wonderful food and drink @Lidl when does the actual hard copy come out and will we be able to collect one in store from that day?  84 pages is a bit much for my poor old printer! Smiley Very Happy

Respected Contributor

Going to Lidl tomorrow to see what is already in stock so hoping to pick up a few things.  All looks very tempting @Lidl  

Occasional Contributor

I'm feeling really festive already! 🎅(much to the annoyance of hubby lol)

Can't wait to visit Lidl to stick up on the scrumptious goodies 🎄

New Contributor

Looks great.  Hope they have it in Lidl Stourport on Severn, as don't always have the magazines.


New Member

Not been any magazines in the Attleborough Norfolk branch for ages. I hope they get plenty of these Christmas ones!

New Member


New Member

Waiting lidl Christmas with nice drink and food ! 😍😍😍😚😚❤️❤️😌😝😛

Respected Contributor

Shopping at Lidl this morning - Christmas magazine is out and they had some! Smiley Very Happy it all looks good folks! Smiley Very Happy

Regular Contributor

Looks great.  Should be going to Lidl on Thursday. I'll look out for the magazine 

Occasional Contributor

 Want to try the baked dipping cheese and bread. What a great starter! Bought stollen bites but they have been opened already, couldn't resist. 

Regular Visitor
Wow. Looks good!