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An exclusive sneak peak of July's Lidl Moments magazine.

Community Manager

Hi Lidlers,

Fancy a Lidl slice of summer? To help you get in the summer mood we’re excited to share an exclusive sneak peak of the upcoming Lidl Moments magazine.

Perfect for a weekend read, take a look at our scrumptious recipes, our top flower arranging tips and more information on Lidl’s new Hungarian wine collection. Simply click the arrows on either side to flip the pages or the box at the bottom left to go full-screen.

Best Wishes

The My Lidl Team


New Member

has anyone tried the american pancakes they are so goood

Respected Contributor

I like the the Mushroom and courgette fritter recipe.  Will have to try this one.  Thank you Lidl. 

Respected Contributor

Really good - I do like the sneak peaks!


Not really a lover of Amerian sweet breakfast bits.

Occasional Visitor

Lidle is my main supermarkets for the majority of my household shopping. I browse the online leaflet and mostly I do find non-food items that either need or even nice to have and include them in my weekly shopping list. Sometimes, like today and the last few days the online leaflet, like today, is attached to link requiring the nearest store to be selected first. I have done this countless times today and the weekly online leaflet is still not available. Everytime I click it it brings me back to select nearest store. What is happening guys. Please sort out your system and make sure the online leaflet is not 'mocked about with' and is always available.

Community Manager

Hi @magsnsmiles


Sorry to hear you are having difficulty accessing the leaflet. If you're comfortable doing so, could you private message us with the below so we can get the team who look after the main Lidl site to investigate what might be going on with your described issue?


- The location of your local Lidl store

- The device and browser you are using to try to access the leaflet


In the meantime here's a direct link to the latest offer leaflet


Thank you,
Tom, The My Lidl Team

New Contributor

Does anyone know if Lidl Moments magazine is available to pick up at stores? Thanks Smiley Happy


Community Manager

Hi @Joanna3


The Lidl Moments magazine is not available in stores, but is door-dropped locally instead. We'll always post an exclusive look on My Lidl however, so you can view it online.


Best wishes, 

Lorna, My Lidl Team