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Top tip

When cooking mince to avoid stickage ( new word) add a little of the liquid as the "browning" stage. If its Italian recipe add  a splash of tom sauce, if its cottage pie add a little of your gravy mix, I know a lady who uses scissors but this is more effective.  @Duchess @harryflatters if you're missing duchess at the moment I think she has been busy baking healthy treats for her local children. Too nice !!

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Re: Top tip

Yeah, right, @Tombola!  Sitting in the shed in the rain (outside, not inside) writing a report on membership stragegy for the hospital.  Groan....waiting to hear if I'm on You and Yours, who are talking about loneliness.  I wrote to say I'm not, and how to avoid it. 

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Re: Top tip

I'd love a copy of your Dictionary @Tombola Smiley Happy

Good ideas though, thank you.
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Re: Top tip

Or you could do what I do @Tombola and use a non stick panSmiley Wink