W5 Stain Remover

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W5 Stain Remover


This is brilliant. Just as good as the named brands but half the price 


just started using this - great value and does as good a job as the expensive brands!

Just as good as the "Pink"one and at half the prize and by the way , I don't phaff about with the clothes as they do in the ads.


I love this product but haven't been able to buy it for months In Newbury Berkshire store. Anyone have any updates on this product in my area please?

TimN wrote:
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Fab stuff - does what it says on the tin, as it were.  I use it in every white wash and I have tons of white stuff.

Is this a powder @Duchess? Can you say how much you use in a load please. I am wondering whether to get some for my husbands greasy work t-shirts.

It does as well as the well known stuff in the pink pot.  Use a big scoop and make a paste rub it well into the grease stain  leave a little while, then put another good heaped scoop in the main wash compartment together with your usual detergent.  It works on my son's mucky greasy T-shirts on a 60 hotwash.@tommiesgirl

Thank you RMW2016, it sounds just the job. I will be picking my tub up tomorrow if I get chance to go to Lidl.

@tommiesgirl - there's a scoop inside.  I use one per wash.  I'm not sure if you should use it on coloured stuff, but worth a try!  I have so many white towels, sheets etc, so use it just to keep the whiteitudinessness going.  I also starch my bedlinen, which is fab, but does, I discovered too late, make dust, so have cut down on that.  Lovely to climb into stiff white sheets, though!

On previous recommendation I bought a pot of this today and tried it on my husbands smelly, grease stained work clothes.

It is brilliant. I didn't need to use a hot wash, I washed his clothes on 40 and put 2 scoops in with the soap powder to wash his black polo shirt and trousers.

Hubby works repairing machinery and delivers items for the building industry, so he always has some dreadful stains and no matter how often or how hot the water is the stains fade but they are always there.


Today his polo shirt came out of the wash with no stains left. I know it sounds corny but I could have done one of those before/after adverts like you see. The stain remover worked really well, I have never found anything to get the stains so I am always buying hubby new clothes for work.


At £2:49 a pot I was very impressed and excellent value. I won't have to spend anywhere near as much as I have been for hubbys clothing now.


I highly recommend everyone should have a pot of this stain remover beside their washing machine.

Thank you for the tip @Duchess @Tarantula