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W5 Antibacterial cleaning surface wipes

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W5 Antibacterial cleaning surface wipes


These are perfect for a quick wipe over the sinks and toilets in between proper cleans. They smell gorgeous and fresh. Good value too.


I love these. I have a pack in the bathroom and the kitchen.

I use them to wipe down the loo everyday and for wiping down the kitchen work tops. 

I use these wipes several times a day they are so handy to keep to hand. They are useful for so many household jobs like wiping things down in the kitchen, bathroom etc They are great to clean skirting boards, doors and door frames too. 

In the winter I always have these wipes to hand to wipe the floors from the dogs muddy paw prints and splashes.


When decorating they are great to wipe splash marks if you use them straight away and after I have washed out the paint brushes I wipe the brush handles down with a wipe too.


I would recommend every household keeps at least one of these to hand, they are so useful for so many things.

I brought these yesterday, a pack of 80 for 85p! Safe to say I could not, not pick some up! The original ones smell great and fresh and they’re cheaper than the wilko branded wipes too. Thank you @Lidl


Really handy to keep in your bag or around the house. After cleaning my glasses I use them to wipe round the sink, the loo or the skirting boards!


We get through a lot of these in our house,3 messy children and a husband!.Great for sticky handprints,wiping the toilet or giving a surface a little refreshing.The smell is also great too


I love these wipes I use them for everything !! They smell great keep germs at bay and my kitchen sink always has at least 3 packs in stock hopefully Lidl never run out :-) 


Excellent all round wipes, and greta value.


Always use these wipes, great product, fab price.


Smiley Happy


These wipes are great on different sufaces. My little one gives me plenty of cleaning and these really get this clean. They also smell great too! I noticed you also get a lot in the packet!