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VITAFIT Pure Squeezed Orange Juice Smooth

VITAFIT Pure Squeezed Orange Juice Smooth.jpg

VITAFIT Pure Squeezed Orange Juice Smooth


Is lovely and smooth...does just what it says on the tin lol Smiley Happy


As good as leading brand!


Prefer this to tropicana. Lovely and smooth


My son's favourite OJ, especially good value when on a XXL week

Grandchildren's favourite. Absolutely delicious and extta good when on special. x


Love this orange juice, smooth and tasty, very good value.

Vitafit is full of genuine orange taste.


It is especially favourite with the children in my family. Its smooth and does not leave a bitter or dry taste in the mouth.


I definitely recommend the Vitafit Orange Juice and intend to use it in the summer to make ice lolly's for the children.


In my opinion I don't think there is anything on the market that has such a good orange flavour.

Really nice orange juice.

We prefer the orange juice with the bits in.  No pith, no peel , no mess, just oranges with none  the previous. I have not bought any oranges since we discovered this juice.

Never been a huge fan of OJ, until i tried this stuff - so tasty, and such high quality. Great value, I love this stuff now.