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VITAFIT Pure Squeezed Orange Juice Smooth

VITAFIT Pure Squeezed Orange Juice Smooth.jpg

VITAFIT Pure Squeezed Orange Juice Smooth


This is the only orange juice we buy for our household ..You can taste the quality and also good value for money,


Love this orange juice, very tasty and would definitely recommend

If you are going to make a bucks fizz for Christmas breakfast then this really is the orange juice to use (or the one with bits) - unless you are going to freshly squeeze blood red oranges.

 Delicious, we have always got a bottle or carton of Vitafit Orange juice. It's something I have to monitor though because Hubby drinks so much he gets a rash🍊


I would recommend this orange juice very tasty not to sweet and tangy which i like as well.


Good value.  A 'tangy' flavour and much cheaper than other brands


Top quality and refreshing with my morning breakfast.

Better than the "tropicana brand" 


My children loved this juice, very good quality, very natural , flavour can compare to innocence juice but much cheaper