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Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2015


Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2015


I haven't tried this wine because we are not red wine drinkers. When I see the advert it does tempt me, so we are thinking of adding it to our shopping list this month. 

Has anyone else tried it? I would appreciate some information on what you think of the flavour and what you would think it would be a good accompaniment for as well.


I can't help but think the gentleman in the advert reminds me of Jimmy Tarbuck, the way he used to look. Is it just me?

I haven't tried it @tommiesgirl and haven't seen the advert. Not sure a Jimmy Tarbuck 'look alike' would encourage me to do so either! Smiley Very Happy I do enjoy a good claret so I am definitely going to buy some - assuming Lidl have any on offer!!Smiley Sad Generally, this wine should be rich and round with fairly strong 'flavours' and a bit of a 'tannin' 'bite' - should go well with all 'red' meats, game and that sort of thing.  Probably not chicken or fish but who knows!  As I say, haven't tried it!!

Jimmy Tarbuck is definately not the attraction for me either @harryflatters.  I look forward to trying the wine though Smiley Happy

Bought a bottle on Saturday to try.  It's not a 'cheap' wine at £10.99 but it is a 'quality' wine and you would generally expect to pay more for a 'Grand Cru' Saint Emilion.  I enjoyed it very much.  As you would expect of a decent Claret, it's 'round' and 'smooth' with a soft feel in the mouth and gentle tannins in a lasting aftertaste.  Enough 'blah de blah' Smiley Very Happy If you want a quality red, buy it, drink it, enjoy! Smiley LOL


Bought this after seeing it on TV, really really lovely.