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SIMPLY SUMPTUOUS Special Muesli Luxury Fruit & Nut

Simply Sumptuous Luxury Fruit & Nut Muesli.jpg

SIMPLY SUMPTUOUS Special Muesli Luxury Fruit & Nut


Absolutely delicious,only problem is  you'll eat too much for it to be healthy.


yummy yummy! I absolutely love it! loads of fruit and nuts in it.


Made for Lidl by Dorset Cereals which explains why it is so good!

Fantastic value..


Well I like it. There is a "but" however ! Not sure about the amounts of sugar and salt it contains. Can anyone reassure me so I'm guilt free please?


Great product that I have bought for years although I have to admit since you stocked organic muesli lately I have turned to that but this is still a great product.


Definitely our favourite muesli - regardless of price!!! It goes well with the Turkish style yoghurt which makes it a very sumptuous breakfast treat!

Been buying this for years, love it because of the blend of munchy tasty wholesome ingredients,  and the fact that the same quality and consistency has never changed  - the only added sugar is what's in the dried/preserved fruit.

it is the only muesli i buy and eat... like it  

will try


This product was recommended to me several years ago and i have bought it since. Occasionally I have tried others when I am on holiday with no Lidl in sight but have had to give the products away as "something" upsets me. No idea what the ingredient is that does so and have gven up bothering now.


This cereal is the best and well worth every penny.