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Harbour Fresh Lightly Smoked Salmon Fillets


Harbour Fresh Lightly Smoked Salmon Fillets


This is a great buy, full of flavour and such a good price.  for a treat I often top it off with a few Deluxe Raw prawns from Lidl. smothered in Sweet chilli sauce and baked in foil for just 15 minutes.


that sounds lovely Just Joy. I buy plain salmon fillets and often have sweet chilli sauce with them too & sometimes get the salmon fillets with the chilli sauce already on them in the Summer they are also very good indeed, really tasty.I love the Lighthouse bay range of fish and it's such great value, great quality & of course great taste!


Lovely salmon fillets, they cook perfectly every time and no bones which is a must with my son and husband! I like the idea of trying them with the prawns! 

I've cooked these in the packaging but my favourite way is on the George Forman grill I bought from Lidl, the smell as they cook reminds me of holidays abroad and the salmon is really juicy.


Really great salmon fillets. Always tasty and really good price for the amount of fish you get. Well done Lidl! Cat Very Happy