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Dundalgan Irish Country Cream Liqueur

Dundalgan Irish Country Cream Liqueur.jpg

Dundalgan Irish Country Cream Liqueur


Fantastic drink not as sickly as Original Baileys seemed stronger in taste, Trouble is I could drink the whole bottle. Very reasonable in price I give this a 10/10.


I agree with christine, Dundalgan Irish Country Cream Liqueur is lovely, creamy taste, and I much prefer this to the orignal Baileys.    Hope Lidl stock it all year round, and not just at Christmas.    I would rate it tops and great value

Lidl wrote:
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Totally agree. Loved this drink. Really good value



So nice. Not as sickly as the branded one.  Goes down far to well though!

Great drink this. My wife and I always have it in our coffee at lunch times with my homemade pate on toast. Great and enjoyable lunch.


My husband has been a fan of this for at least a year - he maintains it's better than, and I love the fact it is far cheaper than Bailey's.   We always have a bottle of this in the cupboard - now that the secret is out I hope it doesn't sell out in my local store!   I'm teetotal so can't comment personally.


Fabulous taste and even more fabulous price too ! Makes you wonder why Baileys costs so much more? If you like Baileys then you'll love this.


Great on poured over vanilla ice cream lovely on it's own.

This is not a drink I like personally but have bought it for the family as they are Baileys drinkers and now they all prefer this, you can buy 3 bottles of Dundalgon for the same price as one bottle of Baileys. No competition is there

OMG I buy this every time. It is a much nicer taste than the real Baileys. I cannot recommend this highly enough, it is a fantastic price and taste, what else can I say, just go out an buy it, you wont regret it and will be a fan for life.