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Deluxe Roquefort


Deluxe Roquefort


I love this, luxury product at a competitive price. Tastes like the smell of a sheep barn on a warm day. Fabulous and it's all mine because my partner doesn't like it!


We really enjoy this cheese, its not a cheese that I buy every week but when we do its kind of melt in your mouth. with a flavour second to none! 

Luxury flavour at a not too expensive price. Has a wonderful smell, fabulous texture and fabulous taste. It means I can treat my dad to his favourite cheese regularly,


my husband just loves this is really nice and creamy..has a luxurious taste.


lidl cheese range is one of the best in uk i have seen..we do try out a lot of different types of cheese and i find lidl does a good range with good quality

Not at all sure about 'tastes like the smell of a sheep barn on a warm day'!  I've spent time there and this cheese is far better than that!  Rich, salty and wonderful value for money. Again, not good news since it encourages me to eat more cheese!

Husband decided to give this a try because he loves blue cheese but Roquefort is usually out of his price bracket. This was well worth buying, it's authentic Ewes milk cheese and is pretty salty but with a great creamy texture. I'm not a fan of blue cheese but I did appreciate a couple of pieces of this. Definitely excellent quality.