DELUXE Java Sumatra Coffee

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DELUXE Java Sumatra Coffee


This is a lovely coffee with a nice aroma and flavour without any hint of harshness.

The best of all we have recently tried in a new coffee filter machine.

Well done Lidl for another top value brand.

This is a really fantastic wake-me-up first thing in the morning.  A very nice coffee at a affordable price.  My son and I really love it.  A shopping list staple for us.


a great tasting coffee with a lovely flavour. smells lovely and great value too




Is it OK to use this coffee in an Espresso machine?


I was under the impression that I had to buy Espresso ground coffee to go in Espresso machines. I always buy Bellarom Espresso which is fine but it would nice to try different flavours - including this Java Sumatra.

This is a very dark and very finely ground coffee and I have no idea if it will work in an Espresso machine.  I have just a very simple coffee machine which uses paper filter bags, which are not available at Lidl's. saying that I have used the espresso ground coffee which is in the same league as the DeLuxe Java Sumatra


Fantastic flavour. Very strong and smooth! Great tasting! Gives the rival Taylor of Harrogate sumatra coffee a real pasting! Highly recommend

Good Morning, @Mattlofc25,  My coffemaker just bleeped and once I aswered your post I will imbibe. Bet the difference in price made you smile as well.