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CIEN Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream

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CIEN Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream


I bought some of the Cien Anti-Wrinkle a few weeks ago, after my Mom recommended it to me.  It's good stuff as it gives me a glow, you only need to use a bit so it'll last longer, I didn't note any particualr smell, & it's a great price!  Hopefully after another few weeks of use I'll be looking 10 years younger Smiley Wink  The only negative is the glass jar, although quality I'd prefer a plastic one so it's lighter to carry on a weekend away or a holiday.  Unless you could bring out a mini pot for this purpose?


Should have an spf rating to be truly competitive, surely?


How about an unfragrenced, hypoalergenic alternative?


I have sensitive mature skin and have in the past spent upwards of £30 on skin creams.  I have been using the day and night cream for a couple of years and cannot fault them.  They are not perfumed, absorb well and leave my skin feeling soft and fresh.  Excellent value for money as is the rest of the Cien range


I'm still using mine!  Although I've used freebie samples in between too.

I bought this to give it a try, it is nice and thick and it lasts, not sure if it gets rid of my wrinkles, think nothing would work on them.


Woman LOL Barb, you & me both.  But we'll never really know will we, think how we could look if we didn't use it Smiley Surprised

I have found this to be as good if not better as the number one advertised shop brands. soaks in to your skin leaving it soft and smooth. Love the fact that the value for is a wow factor

You know Thomasine I only had a tiny bit left & I kept putting my finger in & scraping it round the jar, I ain't kiddin' it lasted me an extra 2 weeks Woman LOL  I'm out now though so I must get some more.


I've been using this day cream and it's parallel night range for over a year now and although in the past I used to buy the more expensive, various ranges, now I simply do not care for them anymore. The price is right, the product is, for me, ideal, just the right consistency, not too light and watery or too thick and greasy; it just penetrates the skin nicely and leaves my face relaxed, so what more would I want. Excellent product and the Cien range has won me over with its various products. Thank you :-)


i have the anti wrinkle face cream spf 15 in a tube its brilliant,maybe products vary from LOcation to location  either way tub ,tube or jar will deifnatley buy again