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BAKERY Pink Iced Doughnut

Pink Iced Doughnut.jpg

BAKERY Pink Iced Doughnut


These doughnuts are delicious, great value and really yummy!


My daughter cant get enough of these!


My kids like them, but I think they taste a bit 'dry'



My son absolutely loves these! 


these are so good we buy a couple of pink and a couple of the chocolate ones to have in the week we go shopping as they keep well in our larder fridge for a few days. Plenty of hundreds and thousands on the top of the sweet icing, lovely doughnutty softness inside, yum!


I can't take my son shopping without buying him a doughnut, and of course his sister "needs" one for when she has finished nursery ha ha..... I would like to be able to tell you they keep well but they are never kept for long enough.


deliciously soft and tasty, perfect for my mid-morning break 


A little taste of heaven , in the words of Homer Simpson , MMM Doughnuts and thats exactly how you feel when you eat them . 


I love these doughnuts so do my kids great value 


My little girl loves these because they are pink and covered in coloured sparkles!  The iving is always the first bit to go, but the doughnut can't be that bad either becuase it quickly follows the icing!