Armilar Amaretto

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Armilar Amaretto


love it

You could pay pounds more but why when this one is sooooo good.


Great stuff!


I Woman Very Happy just love Heart Armilar Amaretto (authentic italian almond flavour liqueur)...I tried another but it just didn't Woman Sad live up to the taste or the cost...try it you won't be disappointed...



This product has won awards ...

 Armilar Amaretto Awards

lovely brilliant price..


My wife loves this with coke and ice

Just a splash of cola and it's wonderful!


I have always one at home, good for both baking or just to have a shot on a cold night.


For years I was buying Disaronno Amaretto, however after trying this brand I would never go back. Just because a brand is expensive and well known, doesn't mean it's the best. I did a taste test between Disaronno and Armilar and you just would not be able to tell the difference. I have given Armilar to my friends who also love Amaretto and they have all swapped to this great tasting brand! 


Well done Lidl another winner!!


Always keep a bottle of this in the kitchen for adding to puddings.

Delicious Smiley Happy