Alesto Soft Apricots

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Alesto Soft Apricots


I buy these Apricots as well as other Alesto fruit and nuts for my Dad, he loves them. He says they taste like fresh apricots. Excellent value.


My kids love these apricots, they are moist & easy to eat & cook with.  It's great to vary snacks and if fresh fruit is running low in the house I usually try and have something to hand like these apricots which go down so well.

Love these buy these all the time, like to think they are better for me than chocolate.

These are great added to flapjacks. Look for my recipe in the recipe section!   Also good added to breakfast cereal.  Woman Very Happy

We like these too, been buying them for ages. I like them in a cheese and beetroot pie using crumbled Wensleydale cheese to which I add a chopped handful of these apricots and then top it with chopped cooked beetroot.

I buy at least 2 packs of these at a time.  One I use for snacking on and the other I keep on standby in case I run low on fresh fruit.  Great value.

Love these apricots. Nice by themselves and when used for cooking or baking. Much Prefer these to regular dried apricots.


Very soft and delicious just test like fresh apricots. i always buy one of this as treat for myself whenever i go to lidl 🤗