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Lidl Suggestions & Feedback

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Re: Lidl Suggestions & Feedback

Hi all.


The past couple of weeks I have been very disappointed in looking round Lidl stores.

1. French Imported Lager. Yes, I know it's only 2.6% but a lot of people like it and you can have a few bottles and still be sober but you get the real taste of it. Have Lidl got it? NO, and they haven't had it for a few weeks now.

PLEASE Lidl, get it back in again.

2. Burgers. A little while ago, you could get an 8 pack of fresh burgers but can you get them now? NO. What have we got instead. Sliders. What on earth! Sliders are an American term for mini burgers. Well Lidl, this is NOT America and looking at those things, they're not enough to satisfy a mouse, so again. PLEASE get the 8 pack of burgers back, something that was a good, popular seller. Just because it's an American term (Sliders) doesn't mean it has to be better than anything else.


Rant over.





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Re: Lidl Suggestions & Feedback

Hi @hamilton,


We’re sorry to hear about your disappointment regarding the availability of stock in your local Lidl store. Unfortunately, we’re unable to deal with Customer Service enquiries on the My Lidl Community, including those pertaining to product availability. Please contact our Customer Service team by emailing, or give them a call on 0800 977 7766 and they’ll be happy to help.


Best wishes,


My Lidl Team
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Re: Lidl Suggestions & Feedback



Sort out the length of the queues at the tills. Yesterday at about 5:20 I went into and then left a branch without purchase because there were at least 10 people woth baskets/trolleys at each of the three open tills, the others being closed. The problem (from visiting several different branches) is getting worse. I don't see why people should wait 15 minutes to buy their stuff.


Re: Lidl Suggestions & Feedback

The same is often true in the morning: one till open between 0800 and 0900 when lots of people dash in on the way to work. Lots more are put off after the first experience because they don't have time to queue at that hour.
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Re: Lidl Suggestions & Feedback

hi i would be interested to know if there are any plans to discontinue the use of black plastic food trays as in most cities these cannot be recycled.thanks

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Bakery after 5pm

I am a regular Lidl shopper and tend to visit my local Basingstoke store after work at around 5pm.


Upon arrival to the store, i always look at the selection on the bakery. I tend to always leave the store disappointed. On a typical evening whatever day of the week it is, there is always the bare minimum available. No cookies or doughnuts, no pastries, usually one or two battered french sticks left and nothing being freshly prepared.


I feel that if the store is closing at 6pm everyday this is acceptable. But when the store closes at 10pm i feel that the bakery should still be operational until at least 8pm.


Im sure the cost benefits of keeping the bakery open for an additional few hours would be offset against the bakeries extra custom.

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Re: Lidl Suggestions & Feedback


I wonder if anyone at LIDL Westside Plaza, Edinburgh,  could clean all baskets. They are so dirty, you wouldn't  put your food in it.

Well it wasn't the best idea to introduce this kind of baskets.




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Re: Lidl Suggestions & Feedback

Hello @Funny_Fun welcome to My Lidl,  it's great to have you join us.  


Regards your comment, it would be best if you contacted the manager of the store or put in a complaint to customer services. ( )  unless things are reported, nothing will get done to correct the problem unfortunately.   

If you don't ask, you will never know the answer!
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Re: Lidl Suggestions & Feedback

Yes, @Funny_Fun @Lidl @Jade @Mattlofc25, it should be a regular thing to move all the trollies out of their pens and clean the ground underneath.  This is rarely or never done, in my experience.  Now, if Lidl see this and say they're done once a week or whatever, it sadly isn't enough.  Same probably goes for the baskets, which should be washed, at the very least, but I never use a basket, so can't comment.

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Re: Lidl Suggestions & Feedback

Absolutely right!  It's definitely one area that needs improving @Lidl trolleys are frequently full of rubbish and paper etc. and the area around them is not exactly welcoming!  needs to improve and doesn't take that much effort or cost to do it.