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Lidl Suggestions & Feedback

Occasional Visitor

Bakery after 5pm

I am a regular Lidl shopper and tend to visit my local Basingstoke store after work at around 5pm.


Upon arrival to the store, i always look at the selection on the bakery. I tend to always leave the store disappointed. On a typical evening whatever day of the week it is, there is always the bare minimum available. No cookies or doughnuts, no pastries, usually one or two battered french sticks left and nothing being freshly prepared.


I feel that if the store is closing at 6pm everyday this is acceptable. But when the store closes at 10pm i feel that the bakery should still be operational until at least 8pm.


Im sure the cost benefits of keeping the bakery open for an additional few hours would be offset against the bakeries extra custom.

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