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Hi all

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Hi all

  • I'm Joe from Manchester hello all
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Re: Hi all

And 'Hi' to you too, Joe from Manchester.  Great to have a new member on our friendly forum.  There's lots of interesting 'bits' so make sure you have a good browse around - you're sure to find something that interests you and the Product review section can be useful if you are thinking of trying a new Lidl thing but are not sure.  We usually have a bit of laugh but can be serious as well (well, apart from me, generally! Smiley Very Happy) and don't be afraid to ask any questions you may have - someone on here will usually have the answer Smiley Happy if you put an @ in a post, you will get a drop down list of 'nic' names and left clicking on one (or more, one at a time) will send an email alert to their inbox.  like this one should! @Galicianguy Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Hi all

And a warm welcome from me too @Galicianguy  it's great to have you join our family.  I hope you join in with our chats once you have a look around and we look forward to getting to know more about you.  

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Re: Hi all

Hi @Galicianguy


Thank you for your post. On behalf of the My Lidl Team we’d like to extend a warm welcome to the My Lidl Community!


We love to meet new members and are very pleased to have you join the My Lidl Community. Our Lidlers enjoy unique benefits, including access to advance product samples, regular competitions, and exclusive content. We have different chats ranging from food and drink to household hints as well as a recipe chat you can contribute to !


To get you started, we’ve included some useful links below. 


  • Browse our Product Reviews here, to see what other Lidlers think of our products and leave your own feedback
  • Check out Latest News here and the Lidl Blog here to keep up to date with exclusive offers and recent announcements.

You can also change your profile picture if you wanted to:


  1. Click on the circular icon in the right hand corner of the page
  2. Select My Profile from the drop down menu
  3. Click on the pencil icon next to your default photo in the centre of the screen
  4. Upload a picture of your choice, from your computer or from photos you’ve already saved on the community and click save changes
  5. Crop the picture as desired for both your main profile picture and the smaller icons that will appear next to any posts you write
  6. Click Save and Continue and, voila! Your very first profile picture has been uploaded

Hope you enjoy exploring!


Best wishes,

My Lidl Team
My Lidl Team