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Please take our latest survey on shopping at the weekend

Community Manager

Hello Lidlers,


We hope you’re well and enjoyed your well-deserved breaks over Christmas. We have a brand new survey up and running and we would really appreciate your participation.


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This survey is aimed largely at those who shop at Lidl on the weekends and will only take 2 minutes of your time Smiley Happy Please click here to take part.


Best wishes,

My Lidl team


done, I've not been a weekend shopper for many years now, I don't like how much busier the stores are and also the roads so it wouldn't matter  to me what the offers were,I wouldn't go for them.

As I am no longer able to work I have the luxury of choosing when I want to get my groceries. But I agree with Nessie, the weekends are far too busy for me to comfortably do my shopping, I prefer it when the stores are less busy so that I don't feel rushed when I am browsing or asking for a team member to assist me. I avoid weekends, but as the weekend offers are available on a Friday and Monday's I am still able to get what is on offer, if there is stock left.

Respected Contributor

We tend to avoid weekends also.  One luxury of being of, shall we say, older years is 'time' - no money but plenty of time!!  I think it's a good idea to make some new offers available on Sunday for those that can't make it during the week.


I have difficulties walking and therefore I aim to be accompanied by my daughter to shop, Since your weekend only sweet offers  stopped she has been more reluctant to shop with me so it is more often that I use click and collect services from Sainsbury's and Tesco, nowadays.

Respected Contributor

We don't shop at weekends. It use to annoy me when people who had all week would all shop at lunchtime or weekends, so I would be a hypocrite if I did it now. Mostly we shop Thursday and if that means missing out on a few offers, so be it. This week I have worked out the extra on a 50.00 shop for not waiting was about £2.00. I'd rather avoid the rush and park easily than save 2.00. 

Respected Contributor

Done. I only visit  on a Saturday if I can't get what I want elsewhere. I usually visit Lidl on a Thursday. 

Occasional Contributor

Working full time I tend to shop on a Saturday. I try to go as early as possible though so it isn't too crowded and I can get a parking space. I used to look out for the Lidl offers on a Thursday and Monday and if there was something I really wanted I'd try to get there after work on those days. More often than not though they would be sold out.

Trusted Contributor

I am retired and I am a Thursday shopper too.  Weekends are to busy and usually endlees queues with not enough tills open.  I do not have a car but my Lidl store is close by and if need be, I do two trips, one on Thursday and the rest on Friday.  The best time is between 11.00am and 2.00pm.  Mums with naughty wild kids are home for lunch.  Afternoon shopping is to be avoided because the shool children make it hell. We have two schools close by.


I very rarely use other super markets, because every thing we need, we get from Lidl, except special dogfood.


Have Done Weekend Shopping, There be Dragons! Best avoided if you can get away with it After or before work for me! Then again Lidl is the only shop I can't make a stratigic plant to get in and get out as fast as possible! **bleep** Fantastic weekly Offrs Get me EVERYTIME!!! "Ooow Whats that? How much? Well it would be rude not too!"

Esteemed Contributor

Survey completed. 


I do shop at weekends as well as week days. My Husband works all week so we visit our Lidl store for bigger shopping loads at weekends because I can't manage it on my own. 


I have found that since the 'offer days' have changed I tend to go back to my store more often on weekdays if there is something I am interested in.


I suppose that's a bonus for Lidl because more weekend shoppers must also visit Lidl to purchase certain offers available from Mondays.

While they are there they must, like me, pick up a few extra bits and bobs.

Things like my Jam Doughnuts and fresh Tiger loaf have to be purchased each time I go in my Lidl store.Smiley Happy


Respected Contributor

When Lidl had their weekend offers I used to shop on Saturday at 8am.


Since Lidl stopped doing that I tend to shop when I am available. That means Thursday or Friday, but later as I want to avoid traffic), or on Saturday at 8am.


I tend to want to avoid people and vehicles (even though it is only 3 miles to the shops).

Senior Visitior

I don't really think about it too much and shop as and when I need to. If we run out of something I have a quick look in the cupboards to see if it is worth going out and then just purchase what I want and anything else that takes my fancy. I used to do the main shopping whenever I was anywhere near a Lidl when I was driving for a living but now that I am semi-retired I just do it whenever I need to, just trying to avoid the school run times if possible.

New Contributor

We do our main shop on Saturday due to work commitments. We do recipes for the week so take a detailed shopping list and tend to stick to that unless there are some good bargains around. We go to LIDL particularly for fish and can get most of our shopping there. Other shops we use are: Tesco, Aldi and Waitrose which are all local and Sainsbury's Local if I am in town and need something. For top up my partner tends so stop at a 24 hour Tesco on the way to work at 6.15am which is VERY convenient.

Regular Contributor

All done! I try not to go shopping at the weekend so I don't have to drag my children round with me.