Go big with Lidl's XXL Week

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Hi Lidlers,


It’s XXL week at Lidl this week, a week full of big offers on big products.


Our massive 1.2kg pack of Bellarom Roasted Coffee Beans is only £8.99, while our litre bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is only £2.99. If you’re looking to stock up, be sure to check out our offer leaflet over on the Lidl website. 


Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 17.24.47.png


Have any of the bulk deals in this week’s offer leaflet caught your fancy? Tell us which in the comments.


Best Wishes,

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I love the XXL deals but they're usually over and done with by the time I get to Lidl, however I hope to catch it this time, I like the Olive Oil, the Alesto Peanuts and the Cashews, also the big bags of frozen summer fruits which are superb quality and last for ages, these have some enormous berries in them and are brilliant with yoghurt or pancakes. I've also had the Cien shower gel in the past and it seems to last forever!
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Can't WAIT!!!! Smiley Happy

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XXL week ok s my favourite week but I have to agree with @homebaker most of the offers I'm interested in are gone by the time I can get to a Lidl.


I love the large rolls of beef and pork and the dog products.

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Well, managed a dash to Lidl (Saturday morning shopping is very rare for us) and got the XXL deals, a bit frustrating as they were so scattered around the store we went to. Nuts not next to the regular nuts, Olive oil on a remote high up shelf that even my tall Mr HB found hard to spot and the bags of ffrozen fruit were in two different places in the freezers, overall, quite disorganised today. Bought plenty of nice fruit and veg though so top marks for that, Mangoes 79p for example plus some lovely English pears, very large oranges and large English apples and lots of Broccoli with nice tight green heads.