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Get the full details on this week's Spanish Week offers

Community Manager

Hola Lidlers,


Fans of Spanish cuisine rejoice! This week you need to look no further than the shelves at your local Lidl to find great deals on a number of Spanish classics.


You can get the party started with some Sol y Mar Mini Prawn Skewers or take a dip with our Sol y Mar Frozen Churros. See the full details of these and other great offers in the offer leaflet below.



If you’ve got any thoughts on our Spanish products you can have your say on them over in our product reviews section. We’ve recently added a number of Spanish classics for our Lidlers to review. 


Looking for some tapas tips or to share some of your own? Check out the tapas discussion happening in the Food and Drink chat. 


As always, whatever your thoughts on the offers this week, we’d love to hear them in the comments below.


Best Wishes,


My Lidl Team

Respected Contributor

So it is a Spanish Week. Yet the Lidl Newsletter states 'Authentic Flavours of Spain AND Portugal'. So perhaps an Iberian Week!

Senior Visitior

Hi all l'm new to this site . Just thought I'd say hello 😁 


Today l picked up a Deluxe Yogurt new to our store .

Absolutely delicious. Blueberry and Blackcurrant layered yogurt . I shall definitely be buying some more. 

Trusted Contributor
Bought two jars of the chickpeas in jars as the chickpeas look much larger than the usual ones in tins - will report back as soon as tasted..
Community Manager

Welcome to the site @Stardust68, it's great to have you and we're so glad to hear you enjoyed the Duluxe Yogurt.


@homebaker, we look forward to hearing your review of the chickpeas!


All the best,


My Lidl Team

Trusted Contributor
We normally buy KTC brand tinned ones by the tray load so was interested to try these and they are excellent quality, nice texture and quite large - they will make a great curry. They are very similar to when I soak and cook dried chickpeas at home which I don't do these days as it's a long process and requires use of the pressure cooker for efficiency and the cooked one have to be bagged and kept in the freezer. Was hoping to find some left over jars of them on our foray today but they had all gone at the store we visited unfortunately.