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Arriba! Mexican Week is coming to stores

Community Manager

Hola Lidlers,


We’re embracing the warmer climates of Mexico in our latest food week at Lidl. Let’s roll out the avocados and tortilla chips, slap on a sombrero and have ourselves a Lidl food fiesta!


Mexican cuisine uses ingredients native to it’s own country, including beans, corn, avocados and chillies. Dishes are often served with rice, which was introduced by the Spaniards. Try wrapping these ingredients up, along with some pan-fried meat or vegetables, to make a packed burrito with your own El Tequito Burrito wrap kit (which includes 8 tortillas and burrito sauce) for £1.49. Or, stuff the ingredients into a taco (without the rice) and top with salsa and cheese, using the El Tequito Taco dinner kit (with 12 tacos), also yours for £1.49:








Mexican food is also known for its fresh flavours. Make sure you take advantage of our range of vegetables which you can add to your fajita mix, Red peppers (50p) and Oakland Chillies (49p) for a bit of a kick. And let’s not forget those Avocados (95p) if you fancy whipping up your own guacamole.


Do we have any Lidlers that have some Mexican-themed dinners or snacks they could share with us? We have some recipe-inspiration over HERE to help get the ball rolling. You can also review some of the products over HERE.


Best wishes,

My Lidl team


Regular Contributor

Ooh I love Mexican food. The lime and pepper tortillas chips sound nice.


I'd love to try them ,but sadly can't come over as car is still poorly!

Respected Contributor

 Quite fancy the bean tortillas and the lime and pepper chips sound good to.  


Thank you, Lidl   Woman Happy

Respected Contributor

Agree - the lime and pepper chips sound delish!


I did wonder whether Lidl might have new agreement with Mexico to take more limes and advocados once 'the wall' is complete. It would mean that Mexico could sell more products to Europe reducing the amount sent to the US. One in the eye for Trump.


Home made wraps are so easy to make - especially since you can add you own flavourings to the wrap itself - such as pepper and lime, garlic and even finely chopped chilli.

Respected Contributor

I hope they do the Mexican meatballs again.  We had some last time and enjoyed them very much.

Respected Contributor

Quorn balls, @harryflatters    Woman Wink    make your own mexican marinade or sauce to go with them. Delicious.   

Trusted Contributor

Have bought two tins of the black beans today, will be able to compare them with the ones I normally buy.


Planning to make a big batch of corn tortillas this weekend, will be soaking the kernels and processing them for dough. Also need to make lots more veg chilli as it's a staple item in the freezer. So the beans will go in that along with some red kidney beans, lots of tomatoes soya chunks and mince plus onions, scotch bonnet, green chillies, cornmeal, lime juice cumin cornmeal and a few other ingredients.


This is kind of TexMex food, and from what I see on documentaries most Mexicans eat alot of Pork mainly. I talked to someone who has recently been there and didn't stay in one of those tourist 'prisons' he got out and about. He said that the smell of the tortillas cooking every was horrible!! but he couldn't say any more than that perhaps they were all being heavily fried rather than cooked on a hot dry pan, don't think it suited him very much. Which is interesting as he is about 25 years younger than me.

Respected Contributor

The pepper and lime chips were delicious,  I went back last week to get some more, but none left. Gutted!! Would love it if Lidl stocked these all the time.  

I also bought the Burrito pack and made them with the vegetarian bean recipe from the Lidl  recipe section.  My family were very impressed and wanted to know when they could have them again.  Woman Happy