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oliva glitter yarn

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oliva glitter yarn

I need oliva glitter yarn do u ship to malta and if yes how much delivery

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Re: oliva glitter yarn

Hello and welcome @bonaviam.  


In reply to your question,  it would be best for you to contact customer services  at:   they will be able to help you.  


It's great to meet you and hope to see you joining in with our chats from time to time.  



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Re: oliva glitter yarn

Not something I have used or seen @bonaviam so I can't help sorry.


Is it a wool you have bought in Lidl? Shipping costs obviously vary according to weight.


Its great having you with us @bonaviam, our little family is growing by the day its wonderful!


I hope you get time to have a nose around and find a few things that take your interest.  Feel free to share and join in whenever something takes your fancy @bonaviam

We are quite a good bunch of people with one massive thing in common, obviously Lidl Smiley Happy


I look forward to getting the chance to chat with you again soon @bonaviam Smiley Happy




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