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Child safety -- Socket Coverr

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Child safety -- Socket Coverr

I know that this is a long message. It is, however, important. Please read.

In the list of "specials" for 18th January 2018 there are "Socket Covers" which, according to the leaflet, are Child Safety Accessories. However, the Dept of Health's Estates and Facilities Alert ref: EFA/2016/002 stated:

"13A electrical socket inserts should not be used in health or social care premises, nor supplied for use in a home or residence. Any socket inserts currently in use should be withdrawn and reeseponsibly disposed of."

The issue being that the UK 13A sockets are probably the safest in the world and employ an interlocking shutter system that prevents random objects being inserted into the socket tubes.

When a plug is inserted the earth pin, which is slightly longer than the line and neutral pins, operates the shutter mechanism and so allows the plug to be fully inserted so that all three pins make contact. As the plug is withdrawn, the shutters automatically close so the socket is inherently safe.

The so socket covers (otherwise known as socket protectors) could permanently damage the socket tubes if they are over-size so that there would be a poor electrical contact. which would be potentially dangerous. Furthermore, if made of a brittle material  it could break off in the socket so leavinig the shutter retracted leaving the line and neutral sockets exposed.

I've pointed out the dangers of these products to Lidl Customer Services (with a request that the information be forwarded to  Mr Tristan Haertnagel, CEO "without delay" but I don't know whether they have actually been withdrawn. I hope so both in terms of safety in the home and Lidl's reputation.

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Re: Child safety -- Socket Coverr

Hi @adrianm


Lidl always conforms to UK legislation and keeps up to date with legislative changes when deciding upon its product range. There is no legislation against socket covers at this time.


The Socket Inserts meet the BS1363 norms in respect of overheating.


My Lidl Team
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Re: Child safety -- Socket Coverr

While there is no actual legislation, the lartgest organisation in the UK recognises the risks and has said get rid of  socket covers. I would have thought that the are worth listening to.


You are just trying to change the subject. The bsic issue is to ensure that kiddies cannot poke something into a socket where the safety mechanism has been bypased and can get an electric shock