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Are Lidl still doing red wine Rioja Joven & white wine Conde vino blanco?



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Re: Wine

Welcome @denans.  I haven't seen any in our store but it may be worth asking the question in the Wine Group which can be found in the Groups section.

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Re: Wine

Firstly, welcome to our site @denans, it is so wonderful for us to get new members. Besides the fact it keeps us 'oldies' more sensible we love getting to know new members and look forward to chats and input. 


I hope you have time to take a good look around, as @mrsblazer said we do have a wine section under the heading of 'Groups', someone there is probably more up on the knowledge of different wines.

I do buy the odd bottle of wine and I get my Dad a bottle too, so I read the Wine section for ideas too.


If you don't manage to get a definite response its worth contacting Customer Services, they are a great bunch and do they're best to sort out any queries as soon as possible.

You can phone or email them whichever is best for you @denans.


Their contact information is or give them a call on 0800 977 7766


Anyway, good luck with getting what you need and I look forward to getting chance to chat with you again soon, @denans


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Re: Wine

Hello @denans, in answer to your question. I managed to buy 3 Conde Noble white wine this morning in my local Lidl.  


The staff were very busy re-stocking all the shelves after the Festive period, so I'm sure you will be able to purchase some very soon.   


Great to see you back again.  Woman Happy



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