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What’s in your best picnic basket?

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What’s in your best picnic basket?

Hi Lidlers,


Bit by bit it is now getting warmer and soon the adventurous among us will be heading out to dine alfresco with plans for a pleasant picnic.


If you’re looking for a premium picnic experience then look no further than Lidl’s Crivit picnic range in store this week. The Folding Camping Table and Stool Set (£32.99) is super lightweight and durable and since the stools stow away inside the foldable table, it’s surprisingly easy to transport. And for the food we have the Cool Bags in bright summer colours (£7.99).


What foods do you bring in your picnic basket? What kinds of things do you like to make for the truest form of eating out?


Best Wishes,

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Re: What’s in your best picnic basket?

In our family picnic hamper there has to be something for everyone. Finger foods such as raw carrots, celery, peppers, cucumber, cherry tomatoes etc. Homemade coleslaw and potato salad. Buttered baguettes to make your own sandwich. Ham/chicken/cheese/tuna. 

Fresh fruit/homemade cakes.


That's without the plates/cutlery/serviettes/condiments/glasses/cups/blanket/chairs/umberellaSmiley Wink

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Re: What’s in your best picnic basket?

I love going for a picnic although it is strange how our picnics have changed over the years.

Before we had the children we always took a salad, home-made quiche, cheese straws, a home baked cake, strawberries and cream etc. I recall taking a bottle of something as well, especially when none of us had to drive.

Then we had children and things changed to finger foods like sausage rolls, cocktails sausages, vol-au-vents with sweet and/or savoury fillings, rolls or sandwiches, crisps etc.

We always had ice packed bags to keep everything fresh.

I think the one constant has always been a decent flask of tea, regardless of the option of alcohol or soft drinks. Smiley Happy


After our picnics, especially the family ones, everyone came back to our house where I would finish the day with a cooked meal for everyone.

I could never understand how much food everyone managed to eat. Mum always said it was because my food was always home made and fresh. I'd rather it was eaten than thrown away, so it didn't really bother me Smiley Happy



I love the look of the Lidl picnic table and blanket, ideal for large groups of people in particular, I would think.


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Re: What’s in your best picnic basket?

Wow love the picnic range, it's all so colourful! We take sandwiches, homemade sausage rolls with pots of tomato ketchup, cherry tomatoes and homemade cakes/flapjacks. 

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Re: What’s in your best picnic basket?

A cheese platter, sausage rolls and strawberries for dessert with a bottle of prosecco. I like to keep things simple and easy. Smiley Happy

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Re: What’s in your best picnic basket?

Picnics for us are a favourite event, I like to feed everybody up.
I make quiche, chicken pieces usually coated in whatever we fancy. Homemade potato salad with chives from the garden.
A big salad, breads and pate, cheeses and cold meats. Then I do like strawberries and cream and cakes.

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Re: What’s in your best picnic basket?

Champagne! oh, and sometimes some food Smiley Very Happy

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Re: What’s in your best picnic basket?

Fresh fruit such as grapes, strawberries, apricots, plums. Fresh salad such as spring onions, radishes, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, celery and even cabbage leaves. Cheese and crackers.Filled pastry cases with chicken, onion, mushrooms, artichocke, or smoked salmon and pastryless mini quiches. I love merguez sausages (cannot buy them in Lidl in the UK) wrapped in puff pastry. Pate en croute. Mini-tartlets - strawberry, apple, raspberry with creme patisserie. Instead of sandwiches we use croissants filled with pate or cheese (or even ham) along with watercress or rocket. Sometimes we have fougasse - try this made with hame, cheese, anchovies and olives. To drink we have either lemonade or a diluted raspberry vinegar and lots of WATER. We also have a single alcoholic drink made up in a 2 litre lemonade bottle - 5cl of sweet vermouth then made up to 2 litres with sparkling water (or even lemonade/soda).

The important item to note is that the food needs to be single portion - so no need to cut up in situ, packed in tubs (we like using old ice cream containers) and kept cool in a cool box with drinks in cool bag.

Plus all the dishes, glasses and cutlery (not really needed, but it makes it more of an outing)