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Too much sugar in food products !


Too much sugar in food products !


As I try to eat healthy, Im carefull how much sugar I take. I do not drink fizzi drinks except sparkling water, so I prefer my food to be SUGAR FREE as well. Unfortunately, in most products sugar has been added . As no sugar free alternatives being provided for most of it, Im usually going for less sugar products (ketchup for example, which is for my son, I do avoid it myself).

I bought a jar of roasted peppers for the first time from Lidl, and for my surprise they were so sweet, as I added 1/3 of a pepper to my salad, it made the whole salad sweet. I see on the label that sugar is mentioned, but didn't expect to have so much of it into a jar with roasted peppers.
And this is produced for Lidl. LIDL, you should try to avoid sugar when its not necessary, or keep it to a minimum for a healthy reasons.
As an ingredient are just mentioned , its not enough. We need to know how much of everything is inside, at least as a %.
Unfortunately this is the only type of roasted pepper Lidl selles, Im not buying it any more. And will look carefully for sugar in any other FOOD products Im buying from Lidl.

Why there ia so much sugar added in the food?

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Re: Too much sugar in food products !

Agreed. I do not know why sugar is generally added to food.

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Re: Too much sugar in food products !

Welcome @mayail  I hope you find this forum interesting and informative. We've been inspecting food labels very closely for many years now. I do agree with you, when you correctly calculate the percentage of sugar/salt/fat added to some foods that should not really contain it then the reality can be quite shocking and very disappointing. Sometimes you can be looking at a quarter of the product consisting of these ingredients. I wouldn't choose to add and of these or so much if I made it myself so why should I choose someone else's recipe with it in? Sugar is often an unexpected hidden ingredient in many savoury products eg curry and pasta sauces in jars. I no longer buy baked beans either they taste more like a dessert to me.

We used to like the Heinz reduced sugar and salt ones then they started adding sweetener so we stopped buying those too. I never buy flavoured yoghurt either, always plain and add my own fruit if I want.

Unfortunately I suspect that when panels of people are assembled to taste test some new products they evaluate them on how nice they are and if the ones with more sugar and salt and fat are get the higher score then the manufacturers know that the average person is going to prefer them and that overall tolerance for higher levels of these ingredients has risen over the decade or so. Myself and husband were once asked randomly if we were interested in coming in to taste some new savoury snack items (not Lidl, it was a company doing them on behalf of a manufacturer - no idea who) It was a proper test where we had to score the products independently of each other and to be honest most of them we found unpalatable, too sweet, salty or very strange and we both gave a very critical report on the flavours for that reason. However others who had been in the test thought they were fine.

When I read phrases such as 'we are working to reduce salt/sugar/fat in our products' it just says to me that they are doing nothing at all.




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Re: Too much sugar in food products !

It is not just products on the shelves that are too sweet. I was looking at a chocolate cake recipe the other day and it had 725 grams of sugar in it, crazy. Even some of the cakes made by people in the village end up with a lovely tasting cake then put sugar on top of it. Had a few slices given me the other day and I cut the top off because of this.