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Steak and onion crisps

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Steak and onion crisps

Just bought the meaty multipack like I do every week but there is no flavour in the steak and onion ones, anyone else had this problem
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Re: Steak and onion crisps

Hello and welcome to our site @k222jul, its great having new members and we love to read your reviews and honest opinions.


I only buy the ready salted crisps except around Christmas when we have visitors Smiley Happy So I don't know about the steak flavours, is it the Snaktastik crisps you are referring to?

My son bought home a packet of crisps with um this week, they were that well known brand Gary Linekar advertises but the pack was a waste. There were hardly any crisps in it. Normally I do a plate of sandwiches for the three of us and shake out a couple of bags of the Snaktastik ready salted crisps and there are plenty to go round, even the dogs get a nibble after we finish.Smiley Happy  The other crisps were not very fresh tasting and there weren't enough for one person.


You can contact Customer Services @k222jul, they pass the information on to the buying team so your feedback is really important. They may even reimburse you the cost of the crisps too.


Well I hope we get chance to chat again soon @k222jul and if you get chance take a look around the site, I am sure you will find plenty of things to interest you. Feel free to join in anywhere, we love getting to know new members and chatting is the best way to get to learn about each other.

We are not a bad bunch of members, we love a bit of a natter, we chat about all sorts from the more serious issues in the news to our favourite recipes. We like to have fun and we are always here to support each other too.


Congratulations on becoming our latest Lidler @k222jul


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Re: Steak and onion crisps

Have not tried these @k222jul. BUT I did complain to Customer Service about the Deluxe Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper crisps more than a month ago. They tasted like Lightly Salted. I wondered whether the recipe had changed or whether there was a problem with the manufacturing process.


A private message was sent to @Lidl here to hurry thiungs along, but alas, NOTHING!