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Recipes & Ideas for Hot Drinks

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Recipes & Ideas for Hot Drinks

Hi Lidlers, 


As a nation of tea-drinkers it comes as no surprise when somebody tells you they drink 10+ cuppas a day. But over the winter season we have seen some delicious recipes for winter drinks, from candy cane hot chocolates and hot toddies at Christmas time to detox teas in January. We are also aware of a number of people who tend to use almond & soya milk and who have made some delicious hot drinks. 


If you have a special recipe for an alternative hot drink then we would love to hear it, so please do share your knowledge & tips! 


Best wishes, 

My Lidl Team 

My Lidl Team
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Re: Recipes & Ideas for Hot Drinks

We are big tea and coffee drinkers in our family, at all times of the year. Nothing fancy for our family just the traditional tea and coffee.


I think the only exception is the odd hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream on the top, hot blackcurrant and the other how drink is Oxo or Bovril with boiled water and black pepper.

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Re: Recipes & Ideas for Hot Drinks

Never drink tea. Occasionally drink real fresh french press coffee. Black without sugar (but not espresso as I would not be able to sleep for a week).


We drink tisane (chamomile, lemon and ginger, mint or apple) in the winter (along with beef tea if we are cooking roast beef). Sometime chocolate with breakfast or last thing at night.


In the summer it is always cold drinks.


However we do experiment. Lemon balm, various mints even oregano, marjoram and other herbs. Just take the herbs and gently wash. Then put into a mortar and mash with a little sugar, this acts as an abrasive. Finally add hot water, leave to steep, then strain and drink. The more herbs the stronger the drink. I would generally use a hand full for a pot, 4 cups, and a single teaspoon of sugar.

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Re: Recipes & Ideas for Hot Drinks

I like all sorts of hot drinks but nothing out or the ordinary really, strong tea,lemon & ginger tea, coffee, hot chocolate, horlicks, golden milk, (look in the recipe section for this I think it comes under golden paste) I also like hot choc & horlicks mixed together it's like liquid maltesers, I found that out by accident as both jars were nearly empty one time so I mixed it altogether to make a drink and it was delish Woman Very Happy

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Re: Recipes & Ideas for Hot Drinks

i have hot drinks all the time. Coffee in the morning and then teas. love all the lidl teas - redbush and jasmine green tea.
love trying new milks, best ive tried so far is cashew milk to make hot chocolate. when are lidl going to start selling goat milk, use this instead of cow milk.
not tried myself, but french place i go to do an apple and cinnamon stepper; just hot water with apple slices and cinamon stick in it - it looks good but not sure how it would taste