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Out of Stock Items

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Out of Stock Items

No Hi Juice squash, Frozen (non lysteria) Sweetcorn or Chilled Coldwater Prawns for a few weeks now. Do you think Lidl single source lines and are left up the creek without a paddle when there are supply problems or are the Buying Team just not very good ?


Anyone else got products to add to this list


I'll add Charcoal ....not food or drinkMan Wink

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Re: Out of Stock Items

I suppose it is one of the 'Lidl surprises' when shopping. There would need to be a toss up between over production and hence waste or normal production and running out.

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Re: Out of Stock Items

Perlenbacher Premium Pils no stock for 10 days
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Re: Out of Stock Items

@gruner, I am surprised that people have not been stating that samples are out of stock! Even if they took the time to see that. You will be suffering withdrawal soon.

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Re: Out of Stock Items

We are missing the 1ltr tubs of Milbona Greek Style plain yoghurts.  We usually buy two or three a week - our dogs have it for breakfast every morning.  We asked at our local Lidl and the chap I spoke to said he simply had no idea.  There isn't a space for it on the shelf, either.   The small 125g pots are nothing like the big pots, they are simply runny yoghurt.


This has happened with a few things over the years - usually soemthing we really like.  

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Re: Out of Stock Items

12 August my email to Customer Services


Can you explain why unlike your competitors you have been out of stock of the following products in your Maidenhead store for a number of weeks :-

Charcoal Briquettes
Hi Juice Fruit Squash
Coldwater Prawns (see photo shelf edge ticket remains there)
13 Aug CS standard template letter reply


Re: Availability of Charcoal, High Juice, Coldwater Prawns


Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding the above products.

Unfortunately these items are not available in our stores at the moment and I am unable to provide a specific date for there return. I am hopeful that these lines will be available again in the future. In the meantime, I have noted your interest in these products.


14 August my response

Could you please tell me the reason why they are not available ? Cannot be a European Wide shortage as they are on your competitors shelves at normal prices – please get me an answer from your Buying Team


16 August CS reply

Thank you for your further email regarding the above product lines.

I would again like to offer my apologies that these items are not currently available in your local store. Unfortunately, I am unable to contact our Buying Department to request the specific reasons behind this choice as this is an internal business decision that I am unable to provide any further information about. Again I am very sorry for any further disappointment this may cause but hope you can understand our position on this matter.


My 16 August email which I copied to UK CEO Christian Hartnagel


Thanks for the quick reply it is obviously your senior management's perogative to allow the Buying Team rather than Marketeers  to decide what products you sell rather than paying attention to customer demand and your competitors inventory.
On Monday I went up the road to a nearby Aldi store on the outskirts of Reading and bought coldwater prawns and hi-juice squash along with £30 worth of other shopping.
Customers make pay days possible !
Today 4 September CS response 

Thank you for taking the time to contact our CEO directly regarding your complaint. I have been asked to respond to you on his behalf.

I am very sorry to read of the disappointment caused by the removal of the above mentioned product lines from our Maidenhead store and that we are unable to provide the specific reasons behind these internal business decisions. As I'm sure you can appreciate, from time to time lines may be removed from our stores and this is done at company discretion where we feel this is necessary.

I understand you have been able to purchase the above mentioned items from local competitors within your area, and I will ensure this feedback is also passed onto our Buying Department to make them aware of this fact along with your previous comments also.

Again I would like to offer my sincere apologies for any inconvenience these removals have caused you but hope you can understand our position on this matter.

Thank you again for contacting us.

Yours sincerely,
For and on behalf of Lidl UK GmbH

Apologies if my copying and pasting isn't easy on the eye - "unable to provide" features a few times in the CS replies