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Lidl Food & Drink - Feedback & Suggestions

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Re: Lidl Food & Drink - Feedback & Suggestions

Re; The sugar surcharge on soft drinks,


Have you though of trialling you own label  soft drinks with less sugar but without any artificial sweeteners (aspartame, saccharin, sucralose, stevia) as a significant number of people find them just plain foul tasting.


I personally have found your Freeway Cola to be better most others on the market even the major brands.

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Re: Lidl Food & Drink - Feedback & Suggestions


Can you tell if you will be stocking Badger, Hopping Hare ale again, and if not why?

Thank you.

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Re: Lidl Food & Drink - Feedback & Suggestions

Hi there,


Thank you for your query.


Unfortunately, we’re unable to deal with Customer Service enquiries on the My Lidl Community, including those pertaining to stock. Please contact our Customer Service team by emailing, or by giving them a call on 0800 977 7766 and they’ll be happy to help.



Best wishes, 


My Lidl Team
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Re: Lidl Food & Drink - Feedback & Suggestions

Hi guys!!  Lidl Convert here Smiley Happy  Really impressed with our new local store.  There are a few things i would like to see in my local Lidl Store that i currently can only get by going to France.


Oasis Fruit Drinks oasis.jpg73563011_0_640x640.jpg& Lu Barquette.


Thanks very much Smiley Happy


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Re: Lidl Food & Drink - Feedback & Suggestions

Hi @TechnicalMarvel welcome to the site and you are now with the already converted......  Woman LOL 

Pleased you are happy with your new store, would like to know where it is though.  


It's great to have you here and hope you join in with our sometimes batty chats.  We very often go off topic from the original theme, so please don't think we are being ignorant, it's just the way it is....   Woman Wink 

We are a friendly bunch and some are more wierd than others.....  we know who we are without naming anyone....  Woman LOL of course I am the quiet, timid and sometimes nosey one....   Look forward to chatting with you again soon @TechnicalMarvel       

If you don't ask, you will never know the answer!
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Re: Lidl Food & Drink - Feedback & Suggestions

Its the Dover one. We have had a Lidl for years where I live, but its very small compared to the dover one and has a limited range in comparison.

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Re: Lidl Food & Drink - Feedback & Suggestions

Why have you changed your Deluxe Kanpur garden Tikka masala sauce? It was our favourite until this weekend. The new recipe sauce is not good and will not be buying again. Please bring the old recipe back...
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Re: Lidl Food & Drink - Feedback & Suggestions

First time seeing this thread!
I finally found a dairy free butter at Lidl and was over the moon about the price!(£1.09).

Currently chuffed regarding the possibility of gluten free Christmas foods too (product sample forum) and I am loving the fact I can get my gluten free pasta without having to spend so much.

My only suggestion would be the possibility of dairy free options? Such as coconut milk alternative or lactose-free milk (or something food wise with meals or ready made pastes etc).

I love that compared to other supermarkets your options are affordable so thank you @Lidl
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Re: Lidl Food & Drink - Feedback & Suggestions

New Idea!
Shopping Boxes
We have a responsibility for plastics that we use.
Obviously, we cannot get away from ALL plastics in shopping as we need some to preserve and contain food and keep it hygenic.
However, Wales took the incredible decision to charge for bags which I wholey approve off and has cut down the use of plastic but this is not enough.

I have a better idea however.
For the same 5p, surely Lidl could see their way to creating fold up boxes, for people to purchase (or 50p for stronger ones) to take home their shopping in.
These could be sold at the counters and would be faster to pack, ergonomically, saving time at the checkout, so more customers served more quickly.
They could also be sized to fit in the trolleys; branded with the Lidl "Shopping box" logo
They could be put at the front door of the store - on a display for people to pick up, and take around already unfolded, with them and on the register counter as the bags are now.  
It would cut down on plastic bags and it provided they where not plasticised would take little time to break down once thrown away.
I know that, Lidl's must have to pay to take their cardboard waste away - so these boxes could be reused too instead of being broken down and being charged to take away, instead this could be for free!
We need to educate people into using cardboard boxes for the carrying of shopping rather than plastic bags that rip anyhow.
Please keep this in your thoughts as an idea Lidl.  Thanks.

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Re: Lidl Food & Drink - Feedback & Suggestions

I have been using an old Lidl cardboard orange box for the last six years, cost me nothing is re-inforced and i just leave it in boot of my car, throw in the shopping trolley fill up with stuff and straight into the boot, no messing no bags no waste. get either an Orange box or Banna box.