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Had the thank Lidl for the great haggis at the end of January. Went down well with the 'neeps and tatties. A little left over the next day I fried with some onion and garlic in a toasted sandwich, great. I did take the plastic off of it,(did not fancy hot plastic next to the meat), made some gravy and cooked it in the oven.

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Re: Haggis.

I might have tried haggis many years ago but I am sure it wasn't on a toasted sandwich! @truhawk479

but, as a sensible person (or complete idiot) once said, " don't knock it 'til you've tried it."

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Re: Haggis.

I found a haggis in the bottom of a second-hand freezer I bought, perfectly preserved in about 6" (150mm) of ice. God knows how long it had been there. Still, it was OK.

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Re: Haggis.

I have one in the fridge - bought from Lidl last month.  Awaiting an appropriate moment for the feast.  They are surprisingly large - too much for 2, really.  Might give some to Bellini.  He bit me badly yesterday, so it'll serve him right!


...wouldn't think he could take your arm off, would you?  Sorry if I've post this before.  I like the picture!

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Re: Haggis.

That made me laugh! Smiley LOLIt might be a lovely picture @Duchess but obviously of a not so lovely cat! Smiley Happy talk about 'biting the hand that feeds it' Smiley Very Happy