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Fish for Friday?

Community Manager

Fish for Friday?

Hello Lidlers,


What's on the menu for tonight's meal? Will you be having a traditional fish dish as a Friday Treat?


If you've tried our MSC Ocean Trader 4 Chunky Cod Fillets, please do leave us a review HERE Smiley Happy


Best wishes,

My Lidl team

My Lidl Team
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Re: Fish for Friday?

I'll give them a try - correct me if I'm wrong but I'm sure a couple of months back we bought Ocean Trader Chunky Haddock Fillets which were excellent. When I looked to repeat buy they'd vanished - due I think to the usual range of frozen fish and pizzas being reduced so the freezers could be filled with Christmas stuff


Re: Fish for Friday?

we normally have fish  on a Friday but tonight Mr Nessies is having mince and tatties & I'm having a veggie burger.


Those chunky cod fillets do look fab though,I'll  be interested to see what others think , how big they are and how much they cost

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Re: Fish for Friday?

There are 21 meals for a week. I do try to make 5 of them fish - whetehr it is kippers for breakfast, smoked salmon in the sandwiches at lunch, or steamed in the evening for dinner.


I tend to eat more fish in the summer than in the winter. It is also easier when abroad, since the US insist on huge portions of meat (and I do not like very large portions) - so fish is a better solution.


So only had kippers yesterday for breakfast.

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Re: Fish for Friday?

@Tanith I had a two pack of 99p Lidl kippers and ate one and kept one to add to a bland un-smoked fish to make it really tastier Smiley Happy

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Re: Fish for Friday?

Tanith wrote:

whetehr it is kippers for breakfast,.

Kippers are good. I had them for lunch on Wed/Thu. Unfortunately, now, they're *tiny*.