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Belbake Bread Mix

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Belbake Bread Mix

Morning all.


A damp start here in Dawlish.Smiley Sad


I have just started using the above bread mix and find it really great VFM.

I particularly like the Ciabatta mix and throw in a few of my own ingredients to give it my own individual touch.


For the whole mix, I finely chop up 12-15 black olives and add 5-6 sun dried tomatoes (available from your local Lidl) along with a Tblspn of the Oil as well. The sun dried toms get broken up when being mixed.

Instead of water (which they well over estimate on the instructions) I use 2 x 250ml bottles of Galereux French lager (warmed up in the microwave) and pour that in and if still a bit dry, about 50ml water but add slowly.

As I have said, 550ml of liquid is a lot less that they recommend, as for a whole packet, 720ml (360ml x 2) which will be far too wet.


One the mix has been proved, I put in in a lightly floured 9" cake tin and bake accordingly but give it a few more minutes for the whole mix. I also give the top of the loaf a fine spray of water immediately before putting it in the oven as this makes the crust nice and crisp. I also turn the tin round 180 degrees half way through baking so it cooks evenly.


Other variations I have used in bread mixes are Newcastle Brown instead of water or Lager, large Tablespoon of Cranberry Jelly for a sweeter tasting bread, or a generous dollop of Red Pesto for a rich tomato flavour.


Why not give it a go and add your own ingredients?


Have a lovely day.



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Re: Belbake Bread Mix

Love this. We too use olives and sun dried tomatoes in our home made bread - in fact we save the oil from any jars of tomatoes for the next batch of bread. I also find that frequently the recipe does ask for too much liquid.


We like to use pepper, herbs (thyme, oregano and marjoram all work very well) or even some cinnamon/mixed spice and dried fruit for a sweeter bread (use 50% milk rather than all water for this).


Another great way to make bread is once it has proved, roll it out very thin. Place some anchovies, ham, grated cheese and olives on the middle third, tehn fold the left hand edge inwards, then the right hand edge inwards and finally make some slits in the bread so that the filling is just visible. Finally bake. This is a classic fougasse - wonderful for lunch or even a picnic.


Good trick, spraying with water just before baking. You can also paste on a glaze (sugar/water for a sweet bread and flour/water for a tiger bread).


My sentiments exactly - try your own favorite ingredients.

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Re: Belbake Bread Mix

Hi @Tanith


Thanks for the Fougasse recipe. I have done it plain but will give yours a go.


Sounds ideal for a summer lunch in the garden.



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Re: Belbake Bread Mix

Sounds good @hamilton. I frequently buy a pack of the Bread Mix, it's really handy to keep in then if I run out of bread or haven't got time to make any the Belbake one is so straightforward. 


I haven't tried using Olives yet but I have added things like garlic, sundried tomatoes, and Parmesan cheese.


I like the idea of the Newcastle Brown in particular though @hamilton Smiley Happy

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