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Batts Medium Ancho & Papaya Sauce

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Re: Batts Medium Ancho & Papaya Sauce

Hello fellow community members. SaucyMan93 here with an urgent dilemma. We all know and love Batts peri-peri sauce. The authentic taste of Nando’s sauce at a fraction of the price. Jurassic Park.

For some time now i’ve yearned for a milder taste, with more lemons and herbs. But the product I desire has vanished from the shelves. Gone without a trace. Can anyone help? I will pay big money to track down this long lost sauce.


A Saucey Man
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Re: Batts Medium Ancho & Papaya Sauce

Well, hello and welcome @SaucyMan93 in answer to your question, the best thing is to contact customer services from the details at the bottom of this page. 


There are many products that have disappeared or the recipe has been changed, and not for the better, as we have commented on in various discussions. 


I hope you get the chance to have a good look around the site, taking in the reviews, groups sections and chat rooms. You will find us a fun loving bunch of folk who do the serious stuff but also have fun along the way too. We have some great characters here as well as our very own Poet @niceguy  and even a @Duchess who can be a bit whacky but we love her. Hope we get the chance to chat again soon @SaucyMan93  and enjoy your time here with us.  


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