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This is us!!

Me and swmbo could easily have been the inspiration for this!! 

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Re: This is us!!

My other half throws everything that's not screwed to the floor, so annoying @harryflatters

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Re: This is us!!

You are lucky it is only screwed up any paper left about our house is shreddedWoman LOL

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Re: This is us!!

My kitchen is scattered with little bits of paper and hubby knows......  do not touch   

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Re: This is us!!

No paper gets thrown out here. It is checked, checked again. Stored in a bag. Checked again. Years later it is used for lighting the fire. Most annoying having bags of junk and receipts from years ago. 

Funnily enough it is the pieces that have been put in 'a safe place' that can never be found. (Always the case).

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Re: This is us!!

I keep all important piece of paper for 7 years much to my husbands annoyance.


Hubby throws anything that isn't attached to a pad, folder or me Smiley Happy  The odd time he has volunteered to be 'helpful'  he had thrown away the wrong car insurance policy and when we needed the policy I had to order another copy


He hasn't touched any paperwork since, not even the tiny memo's etc.


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Re: This is us!!

cant even find my house half the time lol

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