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A wedding proposal today!

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A wedding proposal today!

Just had a message off our daughter in law to inform us of the events of the day!

Our 6 year old granddaughter has come home from school really excited. One of her class mates asked her to marry him this morningSmiley Happy He then presented her with a lovely ring. My daughter in law asked, 'Where did he buy the ring?'

The reply, " I dunno but I think it was Aldi"Woman LOL





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Re: A wedding proposal today!

How lovely @mrsblazer, you'll have to save for a hat now I suppose Smiley Happy


I think your grand-daughter may need to teach her fiance about the right choices for shopping though. 

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Re: A wedding proposal today!

Check the inner band, if its Aldi it should say Vorsprung blo-ody cheek. @mrsblazer


Re: A wedding proposal today!

I prefer diamonds, or gummy rings, they're tasty Smiley Very Happy