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Thank you the, Mylidlhelper team

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Thank you the, Mylidlhelper team

If anyone has a technical problem with your device regarding the Lidl community please contact them at..... mylidlhelper@uk-group. net 


I bought a new mobile last week and had a problem signing into My Lidl through my emails so contacted them and they have been very helpful.  Many thanks to Lorna and the team for their patience in putting up with my emails.  



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Re: Thank you the, Mylidlhelper team

<p>That is really great @Jade"
I have always found the team really supportive, they don't make me feel like I'm stupid (although with regards to IT and gadgets I probably am).They are so friendly and I find they talk my language not a load of jargon or big unpronounceable & words.
We have always said how hard the teams work to support us behind the scenes haven't we @Jade?
We may be part of the originals but that doesn't mean we know everything.
Our technology is a big part of every day life now, so knowing the"MyLidlhelper team are on hand is always reassuring.
Thank you and well done again Lidl Smiley Happy
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Re: Thank you the, Mylidlhelper team

Hi @Jade


Thank you for your kind words! 


Best wishes, 


My Lidl Team
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Re: Thank you the, Mylidlhelper team

I echo TG!


Always useful to have a helpful team (just like the Customer Services). Provided that we are calm and gentle with them then they treat us well. Keep up the good work.


You only have to look at IAG and the British Airways fiasco to note that - as usual the problem is with informing customers. Banks want to go online rather than on the high street to reduce costs, but when there is a problem it is impossible to get through, assuming that their lines are not on the same system. Thne WE are blamed for their problems (too many people trying to get through, or too many people trying to withdraw money from cash machines).