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Thank You All from the My Lidl Team

Hello Lidlers, 
We wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your great contributions to our forum in 2016. It has been a fantastic year for our community and we have welcomed so many new and lovely members. We look forward to what you'll bring to the forum in 2017 and hopefully welcoming even more of you. 
Now that Christmas is over, we all need something else to look forward to, so keep your eyes peeled for our little Burns Night quiz on the 25th January. We will also be hosting a variety of competitions with great prizes to be won throughout the season. And let’s not forget Easter, as we have lots of tricks up our sleeve for that holiday Smiley Happy From summer holiday tips to picnic ideas and party ideas, we are thinking a lot about how you can get the most out of My Lidl in 2017. 
We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that My Lidl is a platform for you to share recipes, hints & tips and life hacks that may be useful to all of you. We also have a range of different groups for you to join so that you can really get the most out of the site and share ideas that may be more interesting to a smaller group of Lidlers, whether it’s Money Saving Tips, Wine Club, Gardens Great & Small, Fashion & Beauty, The Pick of Scotland, Design, DIY & Gadgets, Pet Club or Time Off. So please carry on sharing all of your shopping knowledge and Lidl words of wisdom in our various chat forums Smiley Happy
Best wishes, 
My Lidl Team 
My Lidl Team
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Re: Thank You All from the My Lidl Team

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Sounds very exciting lots of fun things going on that will hopefully attract lots of lovely new people to come and join in  with us when they are able to.Woman Very Happy


Thank you too Lidl for making this forum for us lidlers to chat and have fun in, some of us don't go out very much so it's good to have place to connect with people and make new friends as well as finding & sharing interesting and useful info, it's one of my favourite places on the web! 


Happy 2017 to all on here,there's far too many members to tag, hooray!!!!

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please come back Lidl RED you are missed, especially by me!
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Re: Thank You All from the My Lidl Team

Wow, that sounds exciting Lidl - wonderful!  and as @Nessie says a happy 2017 to all.  The only thing missing is the upcoming Chinese New Year - 28th January - I'm a 'Rat' by the way Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Thank You All from the My Lidl Team

It sounds as though there's a lot to look forward to, Lidl and customers!


Easter next! Doesn't time fly.

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Re: Thank You All from the My Lidl Team

Love the sound of the picnic ideas @Lidl, especially as some on the forum are trying to arrange a meet up!

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Re: Thank You All from the My Lidl Team

It all sounds very exciting @Lidl and lots to look forward too, especially as @mrsblazer mentioned,  the picnic ideas.  Woman Happy

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Re: Thank You All from the My Lidl Team

Lidl, firstly can I add my thanks for making this forum possible. I have made some amazing new friends but I have also got to know so many lovely people.

I have learned different things, had some great fun, as well as having the honour of trialling and sharing information about a couple of new things.

I want to give a massive thanks particularly because without the support of all my fellow Lidlers and yourselves I don't know how I would have got through 2016. It was so difficult losing my Mum but everyone supported me and kept my spirits up so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Smiley Happy


I have said it so many times, and I don't care how many times I have to say it again, Lidl is an amazing store, the Lidl staff have always been fantastic and the Lidlers are my second family. 

I brag to anyone who listens about how great everyone is, without the guide and support of My Lidl Team this forum would never have been so successful. 


I love the look of the future, its great being able to look forward to some special holidays, competitions,etc. and like @Jade and @mrsblazer the ideas for a picnic could be just what we need to organise a Lidler get together this year.


Happy 2017 to everyone on the My Lidl Team and to all Lidlers, old and new. It looks like we have some exciting times coming our way Smiley Happy

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Re: Thank You All from the My Lidl Team

What a lovely message.. thank you for keeping us up to date with plans, sounds like some people have have been in planning meetings and focus groups! let's hope we can keep MyLidl  as the 'Go To' site for all newcomers aswell as long time Lidl shoppers.


'Lidl Words of Wisdom' ... that's a marketing campaign if ever I saw one, will we be seeing that on large banners around the stores?

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Re: Thank You All from the My Lidl Team

Sounds like we're in for a good year

Happy 2017 to the Lidl team and to all the great Lidlers

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Re: Thank You All from the My Lidl Team

Thank you Lidl for having me. I enjoy being part of this community. Smiley Happy