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Four day week?

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Re: Four day week?

@harryflatters thank you for your kind words, you are a darling but don't underestimate your charms x


I only have time for a very quick visit and when the emails from this topic came to my phone today I knew I had to chat to @Professorhaggis.

I am not knocking my bin men, bless them. I don't envy them their jobs and I appreciate what they have to go through. Its the people I pay my council tax to that I was complaining about.......em!...let me guess....who could I be referring to?!?!?


Like @harryflatters says dustbin men have to put up with a lot of grief from consumers.

I think they are different to the dustbin men I remember as a child, they were always dressed scruffy, they always looked dirty but their role was a lot different to today's dustmen. The difference today is these men have restrictions imposed on them, for example they are only allowed to collect a certain amount of items and they have to carry or push bins that are a lot bigger as well.

The consumers seem to abuse the binmen personally when actually they should be remembering these feelings and take it out at the polls.


@Professorhaggis you remember to behave whilst I'm away. I am going to visit Gibraltar on my journey home, I may have to bring home one of those nasty looking Baboons, for our torture chamber we are setting up for misbehaved Lidlers!! Smiley Happy x




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Re: Four day week?

Hi  @Sx@Jade@Barb@CaroleEBallard@tommiesgirl; @lizbeth50 - just curious to know, prompted by an earlier comment, which areas actually still have bin bags collected rather than wheelie-bins?


In my neck of the woods and the woods surrounding me, everyone has a wheelie-bin, which is a heck of a lot easier to deal with than the metal bins of days-gone-by when they had to hoist the bin on their shoulder, carry it some distance and then physically empty it into the truck. These days, it's still not a job to be relished but, with regard to the humping and grinding required, it is a lot less of a strain.


In my experience, having lived in the same house for a long time and watched the binmen change with the whims of the council, many of said binmen are cheerful and helpful people but, as in all workplaces, there are some right miserable s*ds.


For example, we have a garden waste bin (which we pay extra for) and we only ever fill it with the allowable garden waste. However, we do chop it all up small and pack it down so the bin ends up quite heavy. We are doing exactly what the council says is OK to do but there is one guy who complains every time it's his time to collect our bin. He always opens up the lid and rummages around to try to catch us out.


No tongue in cheek here @harryflatters as it's all true and also true were those immortal words of Lonnie Donegan. Smiley LOL




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Re: Four day week?

You need to have a word with HF and he can point out the error of your ways @tommiesgirl @harryflatters please pm the lady from Devon regarding ykw