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Date stones.

I've been eating some dates, "Lidl Deluxe Delget Noir Tunisian dates", BBE Apr 2015, but they're still edible. Anyway, the stones in them, rather like an elongated brown wheat seeds, each have a very small circular indentation in their "backs", as if someone's pressed the end of a thin pipe into them.


I wondered why there was this small indentation, so I looked it up!


So, it's where the root comes out. Date seeds are apparently "remote germinators", that id the plant shoots up a short distance from where the seed is planted.


Have you ever tried to grow a date palm?

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Re: Date stones.

Never tried to grow dates but once watched a programme explaining about bees and figs. Who knew? @User1

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Re: Date stones.

Never dated a Stone..  Went out with a BeeGee once.  No, I can't remember his name. 

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Re: Date stones.

Have tried it - and kept the plant growing indoors for about a year. Unless you have a very large greenhouse, heated, they will not grow in the UK.


However, in Utah they used to have quilts that protected the fronds during the winter.