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PRIVACY NOTICE - My Lidl Community

Last updated: 25.10.2018

This statement explains how we deal with personal information that is obtained via our My Lidl platform available at ("Lidl Community"). We respect the privacy of our users and ensure that any personal information we process will be protected and treated confidentially.


Website Hosting and Data Controller Details.. 1

Types of Data and Purpose of Processing.. 1

Storage Duration.. 5

Changes to this Statement. 5

Official Investigations and Exceptional Circumstances resulting in Data Disclosure.. 5

Your Rights and Contacts.. 6


Website Hosting and Data Controller Details


The Lidl Community platform is hosted by CMNTY Corporation (CMNTY):


CMNTY Corporation,

Kastanjelaan 400

5616 LZ


The Netherlands


For further information on the data security measures applied by CMNTY click here

Details of the Data Controller are:

Lidl GB (Lidl) xcWimbledon London SW19 4JS 

LIDL GB is a registered company (number 02816429) registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO reference number Z6682158).

We share information with third parties who provide a service to us both in managing the Community and other services, for the purposes outlined in this notice. 

Types of Data and Purpose of Processing


Username and profile creation

When you register a profile on the Lidl Community site you will be asked for the following details;

  • Username email address and password
  • Date of Birth
  • First name


to be able to provide you with a unique profile (and verify account on sign-up) allowing you to log in and partake in the functions of the Lidl Community in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of use.


Optional user information


This is provided with your express consent to enable us to personalise communications to you and understand the demographics of our users to tailor the content offering.  

Only other members of the Lidl Community and the Lidl Community moderation team will be able to view user profiles.


In order to provide you with an account and a way to log in we need the data as listed in the profile creation section.


All other data is to ensure we are able to continually provide you with the most useful and tailored service. We have a legitimate interest in processing your data which benefits both Lidl and you as a Lidl Community user. To ensure you are informed of all the activities that allow us to provide you with the most interactive and tailored user experience with the data you choose to share with us.


You do not have to give us any specific personal information in order to browse our website, however, you should be aware that the cookies and analytics data as described in our cookies policy below still apply.



Profile information


Your Lidl Community username is picked by you when you join the Lidl Community. When posting on the Lidl Community you should be aware that it is public and visible to anyone using the internet. We ask you to bear in mind that any personally identifiable information including photos, profile pictures, and details in the text can be seen by anyone. The Lidl Community is visible to search engines. This means that information users choose to share can be found widely.


When you set up your account you have the option to add more profile information and personalise your account. When you sign up you will be prompted to add a profile picture. Posts cannot be anonymised.  

We also ask you which email newsletters and email notifications you would like to receive from the Lidl Community. You can change your registration data and your email preferences on the Lidl Community at any time on your Profile page.

We won’t send you newsletters (unless you have opted into the Lidl Community newsletter as explained below under ‘newsletter’) or mass email communications that you haven’t asked for, and we don’t sell your email address to anyone else.



Discussions, Comments and Posts


Registered members of the Lidl Community can start discussions and add comments, pictures and videos to all chats and discussions on the site as long as they conduct to the rules of the site, which can be found here.


It is optional whether you post within the Lidl Community or not. If you do post we always store the contents of those posts. These posts are public however only your Lidl Community username is displayed.  


Surveys, Panels, Product Reviews, or Competitions


When choosing to take part in optional surveys, panels, product reviews, quizzes or competitions we collect specific data in relations. When you partake in theses, we sometimes ask for your address (for example to send you a product to sample).


Surveys and panels

We will ask a series of questions relating to either the Lidl Community or Lidl. Answers are annonymised. When in a poll your answers will be annonymised for only the Community Management team to see. This information will be held by the Community Management team for the purposes of collating annonymised information onm the survey or panel topic. The information you provide will be deleted once we no longer need this information. When completing surveys and panels you may be asked to communicate your opinion within a forum. Your comments will be visible on the Lidl Community for as long as the Lidl Community exists.


Product reviews

For product review specific information, please refer to the product review Ts&Cs



Any competitions that are run through the Community platform will provide relevant information about the specific competition including participation rules and personal data processing at the point the competition is made available.


Email and Private Messaging Conversations


We store conversations that take place over email or via Private Messages between you and the Community moderators. We also store the private messages that you choose to send other users. Private messages that you have sent or received can be deleted by yourself from your account at any time, however, private messages sent from or to other users will remain on the Lidl Community in the respective sender/recipient’s accounts until such time as your account is deleted.


Activity information and Awards, Points and Badges


Browsing and activity data is used to award user accounts with badges and ranks on an automated basis, as you reach certain milestones. This data in the form of


  • on-site browsing history,
  • activity history,
  • IP address,
  • device ID and
  • Sign up date


will accrue during your use of the site and will continue to accrue as you engage and embrace the dynamic features of My Lidl. Badges and awards are given based on the users activity on the Lidl Community. Awards are based on points, every time you perform an act on the Lidl Community you will receive points, this is done automatically using the website’s algorithm which allocates the points to your profile. Badges are based on the length of time a user has been a member of the site. Your registration date to the Lidl Community will be displayed on your profile. You can see the criteria for badges and ranking awards here. This unique ranking system is automatically built into your user experience of the site and cannot be turned off, however should you ever feel there has been an error in your ranking and awards, the Lidl Community Moderation Team are able to review ranking and assist directly.


Information from cookies and analytics

We use your IP address and device ID to identify your web browser and device so that our systems recognise you if you return to the website.


Page browsing information enables us to show you more relevant content and helps us to understand how people use The Lidl Community. When we look at this information across large numbers of users, it helps us see which parts of The Lidl Community are well-used and which aren’t, and this helps us to decide what sort of content and features might be useful to develop. This helps us to improve the content we produce for the website. This also helps us to create groups on the community so that we can decide which content is of most interest to you and we can make sure that this more relevant content is easy for the user to find. By doing this you will see the most relevant content and conversation topics to the individual user.


Similarly, we store things such as your device’s reading habits to show you things we think may be of interest to you.


For more information about the cookies in relation to the Lidl Community please read the Cookies Notice found here.


You can sign up to receive the Lidl Community electronic newsletter for which your email address will be processed.

You may withdraw your consent to the receipt of the newsletter at any time in the future. You can find the link to unsubscribe at the end of each newsletter.


Storage Duration

We will retain your personal information and other personal data given to us or collected as you use the site for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in this Privacy Notice unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law. The following specifically apply;


  • Accounts - We will delete accounts which are inactive every five years. You will be notified before the deletion of your account for you to confirm you want to remove your personal data and your user account.
  • Private messaging or email communications will be stored on the Lidl Community platform until you delete your account.
  • Once you delete your account your posts will remain on the website, however your username will be anonymised.


A user can remove their data at any point within their profile. You can delete your account at any point by going on ‘Your Profile’ and clicking the ‘Delete Profile’ tab. Once you decide to remove your data your profile will automatically be removed and deleted. Browsing data along with awards and badges will be removed upon deletion of account.


Changes to this Statement 

Any information collected via the Lidl Community is covered by this Privacy Notice. We may revise this statement from time to time and where such changes may be material in nature we will endeavour to notify you through the Lidl Community directly and if necessary through the email address provided on sign-up.

Information Disclosure

We will not provide your personal information to other users or third parties without your express permission, or as described below:


The data you provide and that is collected, as detailed in this notice, is processed by CMNTY as the provider of the Lidl Community platform.


Lidl uses a site management partner We are Social (Alphabeta 14, 18 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1AH) who, in carrying out their duties as a sub-processor and moderator of the site, have moderator access to the Lidl Community and your profile data as stated above.


The moderation team at We are Social and select team members at Lidl have access to your posts and can see that content in combination with your registration data. Lidl relies solely on We are Social to administer and process competitions and winners. The same applies to surveys, with only the anonymised results/analytics being provided to Lidl.

We restrict the number of staff who have access to this data and we constantly review this. You can always check and manage your registration data in your profile.

Official Investigations and Exceptional Circumstances resulting in Data Disclosure


If in exceptional circumstances where contacted by the police or law enforcement authorities or where required to do so by law we may share any relevant data we may have without your permission.


Similarly, If there are compelling safeguarding considerations, we may share your data with public authorities without your permission. We understand 'compelling safeguarding considerations' to mean credible evidence of imminent risk of serious harm, especially to a child or vulnerable person.


If we are compelled to do so by a court order, we will share your personal data to the extent specified in the order.


Furthermore, personal data would be processed accordingly in complying with our obligations to fulfil any requests to inform, access or disclose any processed personal data in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the GDPR.

Your Rights and Contacts


You have the right to receive upon request information about your personal data processed in relation to My Community, free of charge.


In addition and if the legal prerequisites exist, you have the right of rectification, erasure and restriction of processing of your personal data.


Further information on these rights can be found in part 16 of the Lidl Privacy Notice found at 


You can contact the My Lidl moderator at any time by addressing @Lidl via private messaging.


If you have specific questions regarding the processing of your data, you can contact the company Data Protection Officer on

In addition, you have the right to complain at any time to the responsible supervisory data protection authority.  The supervisory authority for data protection in the United Kingdom is the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). Further advice and guidance can be found on their website at or by contacting their helpline on +44  (0)303 123 1113.