Community Rules

Rules for My Lidl Community


We hope you enjoy using My Lidl, to interact with other Lidlers and find out more about the wonderful world of Lidl. All that we ask is for you to stick to our Terms & Conditions and these Rules of Engagement whenever you use the site. Other than that, it’s over to you.  Please:  1. Engage with other Lidlers, ask and answer questions, share your honest opinions, and thank other users for helpful contributions (you can do this using the Like or Accept as Solution functions).  2. Post your content in the right section or forum and use the search feature to find specific content.  3. Don’t post anything unlawful, libellous, offensive or defamatory. We will not tolerate the use of profanity or any content that’s racist, sexist, homophobic, abusive, threatening, obscene, pornographic or otherwise disturbing to the community.  4. Be nice to other My Lidl members (even if you don’t personally agree with their opinion).  5. Remember that all content and comments posted by other members are their own personal opinions and are not endorsed by Lidl or reflective of Lidl's ideas or opinions. The only exception to this is if a user is a designated My Lidl or Lidl employee, identified by the rank title of "Community Manager", "Moderator" or "Staff" beneath his / her username.  6. Don’t include any commercial content or links in your posts. This includes no advertising of third party products and services or posting anything that could be considered spam or solicitation.  7. Enter accurate and true information about yourself when you set up your profile, and stick to having one profile only.  8. Bear in mind that My Lidl is a public space, so don’t post anything you’d prefer to keep private (such as your full name, phone number, address, employer or bank details) or anything which might give away your My Lidl password. Similarly, please don’t post the content of any private messages or other non-public communications.  Not following the rules could result in your content being edited, moved or deleted and/or your account being suspended without warning. Our say is always final in these matters. Discussion of site policies and moderator actions should only be conducted by private message or email.  Any changes to these rules will be updated immediately here. Although these rules cover most scenarios, they cannot anticipate everything and we therefore reserve the right to take any actions which we deem appropriate to ensure that the My Lidl website and community is not disrupted or abused.